Updated 04:52 PM EDT, Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Kevin Durant Injury Update: Watch KD Back to OKC vs Pelicans

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The return of Kevin Durant to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC) happened on Tuesday night but it was a disappointing one as his team was defeated by the New Orleans Pelicans.

Durant, who just recovered from a foot injury, actually did well during the game with him scoring 27 points in the 30 minutes that he played.

Yahoo Sports noted that Durant's first basket was a "three-pointer in transition" which looked a smooth play for him to score a basket. His return, however, did not guarantee victory for the Thunder which meant that the team needed more than Durant's talent to really excel as the Pelicans outclassed them with a 112-104 score.

"I was confident in myself. I knew my wind wasn't where I wanted it to be, obviously, but I felt good out there," Durant said, as quoted by ESPN.

The team's coach Scott Brooks said that he only planned Durant to play for 30 minutes during the game and in the next few games since he has just come back after nursing a foot injury.

"I just got to keep putting together good days and I'll keep getting back to where I want to be. To get back to midseason form like I want to be is going to take some time. No excuses for me. I'm out there, I got to play hard as I can no matter what and I got to go out there and be the best leader and player I can be," Durant added via the ESPN report.

Durant's effort, however, did not equal the determination of the Pelicans who had three players with double-double scores like Jrue Holiday with 23 points and 10 assists and Ryan Anderson with 23 points and 11 rebounds, ESPN wrote.

"We did a great job of being disciplined on our game plan, knowing what guys were going to do and we just stayed with it for four quarters. We've got to defend, rebound and run. That's what we do. That's going to get our offense going," Davis also told ESPN.

It has been noted that after this loss, OKC may need to step up their game since they are behind the Phoenix Suns for the last playoff spot in the West.

But Yahoo Sports noted that the presence of Durant and other big scorers in the team will help the Thunder earn a spot in the playoffs but that it is not enough.

"For one thing, the team's defense faltered tonight, with Tyreke Evans, Anthony Davis, and Ryan Anderson also scoring very well to pace the Pelicans," Yahoo Sports added.

The report also said that the Thunder should act not and make necessary changes in their game if they want to succeed in making it to the playoffs.

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