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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Trailer & Cast: New Posters Out; Rita Ora, Jamie Dornan's Parents Sex Scenes 'Scandalous'?

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After months of waiting for the film adaptation of the controversial book "Fifty Shades Of Grey," the first stills from the movie have finally been released Wednesday and revealed characters who will play Christian Grey's adoptive family, E! News reported.

The new photos show Christian's sister, Mia Grey, who will be played by singer Rita Ora. Marcia Gay Harden, on the other hand will play Christian's mother, Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey, while actor Andrew Airlie was given the role of Carrick Grey, the headlining character's father.

The fiftyshadesmovie Instagram account also uploaded a photo of Eloise Mumford as Kate Kavanagh. The photo is captioned: "Where would Ana be without her roommate and BFF?@eloise.mumford is #KateKavanagh in #FiftyShades. #EloiseMumford." 

The movie's lead stars will be played by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, who plays Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, respectively.

Ora described the release of the stills as "awesome" on her Twitter account, since it concurred with her 24th birthday. But awesome as the photo release is, she told Fuse TV during an interview that her character is "not the most sexual in the movie."

She did, however, relay her excitement in being a part of the film saying that she will "go to the movies and watch it when it comes out!"

Ora also told OK! Magazine that being a part of the controversial movie has done nothing but good to her acting ambitions.

According to the "Black Widow" singer, although people will have different opinions about the film, for her "it was such a great cameo to be involved in." Despite only playing a supporting role in the film, "it's opened the door to a lot of movie things that [she hasn't] actually announced yet," she added.

The singer, who is a current judge in "The Voice" UK, said that playing Mia Grey has made her want to act more, according to Billboard.

Ora added that the movie was "a moment of cameo and a really good wake up call. I have the bug, for real."

She also predicted that the movie is "going to make a lot of waves. It's going to be awesome," according to Billboard.

Harden also saw the appeal of Dornan in the movie. During an interview with the Huffington Post, the 54-year-old actress described Dornan as "beautiful," adding that the actor has a "chiseled beauty and the camera eats it up."

"He's a sweet guy. He does surfing. He sings little Irish ditties occasionally!" she added.

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie is scheduled to be released next year on February 13, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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