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'Jurassic Park 4: World' Trailer, Release Date & Plot: Diabolus Rex Revealed? Hybrid Dinosaur Devours Shark [Watch Video]

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The first full trailer of the highly-anticipated "Jurassic World" dropped two days earlier than expected.

The trailer of the fourth installment of the popular sci-fi movie "Jurassic Park" pays homage to the previous films all throughout the two-minute forty-second trailer, including a piano rendition of the original 1993 main theme by John Williams, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Entertainment Weekly pointed out that the dinosaur theme park attraction featured in the trailer gives a nod to Sea World. In one scene, guests are sitting in an arena while watching an enormous aquatic dinosaur devour what appears to be a Great White Shark. It's undeniable that the Jurassic World theme park is gorgeous. As what the trailer shows, tourists can drive in fields and kayak along with the dinosaurs; there was even a gyrosphere for the guests to enjoy.

The sneak peak also features Chris Pratt portraying the role of Owen, "an on-site researcher forced to face off against the genetically-modified dinosaur," according to Reality TV World. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor will star alongside Bryce Dallas Howard, portraying a scientist who cloned dinosaurs and also genetically engineered a new hybrid of the creature.

As what the trailer suggests, creating the new species is a bad idea because it is "apparently as smart as it is bloodthirsty," Rolling Stone noted.

Unfortunately, the hybrid dinosaur -- called Diabolus Rex or D-Rex -- escapes captivity. And it's up to Pratt's character, Owen, to deal with the vicious creature. This is a difficult problem, as the theme park is full of tourists kids and adults alike, and a loose huge dinosaur capable of preying on almost anything is big trouble.

There wasn't a clear view of the infamous D-Rex, but the trailer showed the creature's huge claws while chasing Owen.

The film is directed by Colin Trevorrow and is executively produced by Steven Spielberg, who was the original film's director, Yahoo! News reports. The fourth installment, like its predecessors, is based on Michael Crichton's sci-fi novel of the same name.

Rolling Stone reports that earlier this year, "'Jurassic Park' celebrated [the] 21st anniversary of its theatrical debut, and to mark the occasion, John Williams' iconic score was released on 180-gram vinyl."

Aside from Pratt and Howard, the movie also stars Ty Simpkins, Judy Greer, Vincent D'Onofrio, Nick Robinson, Irrfan Khan, and BD Wong, "who reprises his character Dr. Wu from the very first film," CNET noted.

"Jurassic World" is slated to premiere in theaters on June 12, 2015.

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