Updated 11:29 PM EDT, Wed, Jun 23, 2021

Manny Paquiao Chris Algieri Fight Results, Highlights & Replay: Manny's 6 Knockdowns in Videos

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Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao scored six knockdowns during his 120-102, 119-103 and 119-103 victory against the once undefeated American fighter Chris Algieri on Sunday, during their match at the Cotai Arena in Macau.

A Guardian report said that the first knockdown happened early during the second round when Pacquiao landed a combination punch on Algieri which caused him so slip on the canvas. On the sixth round, Algieri tumbled after continuous punches from the Filipino boxer then he went down again during the same round after Pacquiao landed a right hook.

Another left sent Algieri to his back during the ninth round, Guardian added. The American fighter then went to his knees a few seconds after when Pacquiao gave him "a salvo of punches" against the ropes. The last knockdown was during the tenth round when Manny hit his opponent with a left.

Despite the several knockdowns, Algieri was able to survive the 12 rounds of what seemed to be torture from the Filipino champ. It was the first loss for the American who now has a 20-1 record with 9 knockouts.

"It's not just his hand speed. He's a great fighter. He does everything well. I was never hurt, but he did catch me with a big shot," Algieri said after the fight.

For his part, Pacquiao said he was looking for a knockout during the early rounds but admitted that he had difficulty cornering Algieri because of his movement.

"I did my best. Algieri was fast-moving. I'm not surprised that he kept getting up, because that's what he did against Ruslan Provodnikov," Pacquiao told the Guardian.

A lot of people, however, tagged the bout as mismatch, noting that Algieri did not possess the class and experience that Pacquiao have.

"Fans have questioned the 30-year-old Algieri's legitimacy after his controversial split decision win over Ruslan Provodnikov, and have asked whether someone as untested should even be in the same ring as the great Pacquiao," Heavy added in its report.

Some said that the two fighters were very far from each other in terms of power and rhythm.

After beating Algieri, Heavy said that Pacquiao is now looking forward to his mega fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. The report added that the crowd in Macau cheered when the Filipino boxer said that he is ready to fight the undefeated American boxer.

"I want that fight," he said. "The fans deserve that fight," Pacquiao said post fight.

During a pre-fight interview, Pacquiao said that he likes to fight undefeated boxers to make them experience the feeling of losing.

A similar Fox Sports article said that the fans would only be waiting for Mayweather to really agree to fight Pacquiao.

"And for the better part of five years now, Mayweather has given one excuse after another when it comes to making the one fight boxing fans really want," Fox Sports said, noting that the American boxer has made a lot of reasons to not fight Pacquiao, including the Filipino boxer's alleged use of steroids.

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