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Neymar Girlfriend: Soraja Vucelic Topless Photo Makes Rounds Plus Facts About FC Barcelona Player's Lover

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Brazilian soccer's bright spot and FC Barcelona striker Neymar must be the envy of men these days because, as photos now populating the Internet suggest, his girlfriend is truly a slice of heaven.

In the topless photos taken on Puro Beach in Tivat, Montenegro, reposted by TMZ Sports and the Daily Mail, viewers will find that Soraja Vucelic has a body to drool for.

That curvaceous body might be the culprit for Neymar's current obsession with the 28-year-old Serbian beauty, said the Daily Mail. Meanwhile, TMZ declared that, the elusive World Cup aside, Neymar is blessed on all fronts with his new love interest.

Here are some facts you need to know about Vucelic:

[1] She joined Big Brother Serbia.

According to Sport Bible, her stint with Big Brother, locally known as "Veliki brat," was her claim to her present fame nationally. She finished fifth place in Celebrity Big Brother 2013 in a show that concluded after 43 days on May 6 last year, the International Business Times said.

A graduate of Psychology and a Croatian native, one of her backstories is the death of her mom while she was still young, IBT added. The loss reportedly forced her to live with relatives.

[2] She was the Playboy Playmate of the Year.

Vucelic was named Playmate of the year three years ago, TMZ reported. Still a regular cover girl for the men's magazine, she has graced its covers not only in Serbia but also in Croatia, Macedonia and South Africa, the International Business Times reported.

She has also worked with several brands like carmaker Nissan, designer Sherri Hill and the Erpel Group, IBT wrote.

[3] She and Neymar met in Ibiza.

The pair reportedly met in Ibiza last year and have kept in touch through Skype since, with reports citing a tabloid named Kurir on that.

According to Mirror, the Brazilian forward, six years younger, flew her into Catalunya so they could be together just recently. There, she was treated to a tour of the city and "wined and dined" with her boyfriend, it detailed.

In another report from the media outfit, the athlete sent a private plane just to pick her up. They reportedly met earlier than the date they had previously set -- end of October -- "after deciding that they couldn't wait to see one another." Previously reserved plane tickets were cancelled, the report added.

The Daily Mail said she stayed for days.

[4] She likes to show her assets off.

A quick scan of her Instagram profile would have any viewer concluding that she is aware of her assets, posing for the cameras with clothing accentuating her buns.

She would also pose in a bikini, showing off a toned stomach and outstanding humps in all the right places. Caught Off Side compiled some photos of her, all exhibiting the sex appeal that might be running in Neymar's head right now.

See more of Vucelic in the video posted by CopaBrazilTV on YouTube.


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