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'FIFA 15' Tips, Tricks & Tutorial: How To Master Free Kicks [Video]

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For avid "FIFA" fans, a goal from a free kick is difficult. On rare occasions, a player miraculously sends a free-kick goal randomly tapping the buttons.

With "FIFA 15," consider player stats — power, accuracy, curve — to score with a driven, dipping or even Rabona kick. Fortunately, EA Sports lends a hand on YouTube for those struggling to make free kicks game-changing goals.


Player selection affects success. According to Fifaaddiction.com, high free-kick accuracy is good. Open the free kick selection menu to check stats, EA Sports for the player and club ratings and Fifasolved.com. 

We collated tips by EA Sports, professional eSports FIFA player Ovidiu Patrascu and Youtube user "awesomePCgames":


  • Best when shooting from around 30 yards
  • Consider players with high shot power and free kick stats such as Diego Costa and Beñat
  • Use left-footed player from the left side of the field and vice versa
  • Hold LB, control the left stick up and press the B button with three bars of power on Xbox (for PlayStation, hold L1, control the left analog stick up and press the circle button, applying three power bars)
  • Use the last defender of the wall as guide 


  • Needs high free-kick accuracy and very good curve — try Marcus Reus, Andrea Pirlo and Lionel Messi
  • Choose a left-footed player shooting on the right side, and vice versa
  • Aim exactly at the middle of the goal
  • Press only the shot button (X for Xbox and square for PS), and the left analog button must move at 45 degree, with two bars or slightly higher


  • For team with only one good free-kick player kicking from the left or from the right
  • Use left-footed player for kicks on the left side and vice versa
  • Aim exactly at the post
  • Use the shot button and the left analog, power at two bars


  • Use when you in a central position close to the penalty area
  • Push the left stick up and press B with two bars (for PS4, push the left analog stick up the press circle with two bars)
  • Aim close to the post
  • Move left analog up toward the goal


  • When in a perfect position to aim for a goal, but are too close and shot will likely be blocked by the wall or go over 
  • Pass to a second player (LT) and surprise by shooting with a third 
  • Aim with the left analog exactly after pressing for shot 
  • For Xbox press, LB button and push up on the left stick with two bars of power (for PS, L1, push up the left analog stick, then circle)


  • Works best from the center to left part inside the penalty arc
  • Align the goalpost to the middle of the screen
  • Double-tap X (for Xbox) or square (PS), and aim by using the left stick toward the right
  • Use five-star strikers like Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho

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