Updated 12:05 AM EDT, Tue, Oct 26, 2021

Lance Stephenson Slaps Himself; Flops to Draw Foul? [Video]

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Lance Stephenson has built a name for himself not only for his efficiency as a guard but also for his entertainment value.

On Saturday night, he proved that yet again when he appeared to slap himself in the mouth and then flopped to milk a foul in the Charlotte Hornets' match against the Golden State Warriors.

Watch it yourself:

Harrison Barnes of the rival team bumped into Stephenson's arm, triggering the whole knockdown circus, wrote Fansided. The act of flopping, or appearing like you had fallen or were hurt because of contact with another player, is usual in the sport and is even rewarded, it added. In this case, while the Bleacher Report deemed the fall as the funniest part of the incident, it paid off and drew a foul on Barnes. Sporting News noted, "Is it a flop if there's real contact?" Stepehnson certainly widened the possibilities for deliberate, on-court flops. Now viral on social media, Fansided called the first-quarter stunt "his (Stephenson's) finest work" yet. Meanwhile, the Bleacher Report had one thing to say: "Stop hitting yourself, Lance!" The Washington Post admitted that Stephenson might have mastered the art of going viral on the Internet. In the past season, as a member of the Indiana Pacers, he was seen blowing into LeBron James' ear, when they were in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals. Miami Heat lost, 90-93.  "Just playing ball," Stephenson said of his act without elaborating further, per Indianapolis Star. "It's Lance being Lance... I hope his breath wasn't too bad for LeBron," Paul George joked. Hornets owner and basketball legend Michael Jordan took notice of Stephenson's tactics, signing him "to a three-year, $27 million deal," the Associated Press reported, in a piece available on ESPN. "One of the reasons why I admire his game is he takes on challenges... For us to get any place in the East, we need someone to challenge LeBron. He challenged LeBron," Jordan was quoted as saying in the report. What happened this Saturday may be his latest yet on "Lance being Lance," confusing even the announcers, the Washington Post said. Listen to the announcers below.  The report noted that the flop rivals the play-acting Dwyane Wade treated fans to in Game 2 of last season's finals between Heat and the San Antonio Spurs, while the Hornet now agrees that Stephenson is the King of the Flop. In the AP report published in October, it was noted that Stephenson already said that he would "cut down on the antics," adding, "I have to do whatever it takes to stay on the floor. If I get too much into the antics and get teched out, I can cost the team." However, if this kingship helps him maintain recall while King James still sits on the NBA throne, he must be thinking twice.

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