Updated 03:15 AM EST, Sat, Jan 22, 2022

'WWE 2K15' Release Date, Gameplay & Trailer: DLC Won't Transfer Data to PS4, Xbox One; MyCareer in BTS Video

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The news that downloadable content for "WWE 2K15" cannot be transferred from PS3/Xbox 360 to PS4/Xbox One is true, and it is stoking negative vibes from fans.

If you bought the Season Pass for your Xbox 360, you'd sadly need to download it separately for the Xbox One, confirmed 2K15 community manager Marcus Stephenson, per Attack of the Fanboy.

"Apologies that you're not enjoying it, man! Enjoy the new experience! You do have to re-purchase the DLC, yep," he said on his official Twitter account, replying to a gamer who asked about the issue.

According to the Attack of the Fanboy report, the cardinal rule is this: "If you bought the Season Pass or any other DLC for the game on previous-gen consoles, you cannot transfer this data to the next-gen consoles if you decide to upgrade," even if you are using the same gamer profile.

That's another eye-roll for "WWE 2K15" gamers, "...[a]fter a collective eye-roll in response to the current-gen versions of the game," per the Bleacher Report. It might not sit well with fans -- with the next-generation game versions hitting North America on Nov. 18 and the globe Nov. 21.

According to the report, negative reviews have been coming in for the Xbox 360 and PS3 sets, with some saying the game simply backslid after past trailers touted improvements.

"Missing in '2K15' is the ability to create special moves and the story designer, which were present in '2K14.' Those options aren't super huge omissions for me personally, but I can see hardcore creators getting frustrated about it," said Bryan Vore in his PS3 review on Cheat Code Central.

While the Universe mode has made a comeback, there are too many similarities, said Ben Potter of the Push Square. "WWE 2K15 on the PS3 is very much a clone of last year's offering," he said in his review, as he rated the game with six stars out of a possible 10.

According to Gamespot, while there have been notable improvements regarding the rendering of the roster, some are still unrecognizable at first glance. It also noted the sound malfunctions.

With those reviews, it certainly adds insult to injury that fans will have to pay full price for the next-gen extras.

On the Attack of the Fanboy comments section, one said: "Sh**ty not worth the money." Another said: "Ah news flash not every one can aford a new system.. you want get good customer satish faction u would have made bofe games the same. Yes i know selling new system. What happen to not quitting on older system js."

However, the MyCareer mode on Xbox One and PS4 may be the saving grace for the next set, the Tech Times said. With gamers able to climb from NXT to WrestleMania and train at the WWE Performance Center in Florida, it may be the feature to end all disappointment. Watch the latest behind-the-scenes on that here or below.

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