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James 'Bond 24' 2015 Release Date, Cast & News: WWE Star Dave Batista Fined $100K For Bleeding Says Chris Jericho

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The wrestling world witnessed a bloodbath in 2008, and Vince McMahon sent a clear message to Dave Batista, slapping him a fine of $100,000 for wounding himself before a match so that he may bleed just in time for the action, according to Inquisitr.

Blood is a no-no in the "WWE PG era," the report explained, and Batista crossed the line in the cage match years ago.

Citing a Chris Jericho podcast, the report noted that in a 2008 match between him and Batista, the latter thought it would add more thrill to cut himself in order to bleed—a deed prohibited by management.

"This was a point where we weren't shedding blood any more. We were PG and that didn't make any sense to me," Batista said in a YouTube recording released by HowToTrainYourHughezy.

"I just didn't want to hear that, especially when there's a title match involved. I knew we weren't supposed to do it. I knew I would get consequences but I thought I would get the consequences and I didn't think they'd be as harsh as they were," he added.

In the interview, Batista added: "[McMahon] starts passing out fines, so my fine was $100,000. My heart dropped. I thought it would be like $25,000. When he said $100,000, I was just heartbroken... I think that's the day that I knew things were never going to be the same."

A separate Inquisitr article explains that the Attitude era happened over 15 years ago and saw wrestlers "do[ing] things that could have killed them."

According to the same piece, that era had to stop as the viewership began sounding the alarm rather frequently on bloody, horrific scenes that once delighted and lured adult eyeballs in. Now, "... [m]en, women and little children all can watch today's product, and that is a good thing," it said.

While the WWE is in what could be an image crisis, Batista is busy with a budding show biz career, as reported by Latino Post.

After his success with "Guardians of the Galaxy," the Latino Review said he was chosen to fill the role of Hinx, a physically fit male henchman, aged 30-45 and over 6'2", rumoured to be for "Bond 24."

"He has several fights with Bond and will have to have stunt training. He has to drive. We are looking for someone very unusual, possibly from a sports background," the characterization said, per the report.

The report said Batista was "one of the best things" about the "Guardians of the Galaxy" and would fit the bill for the next movie assignment, to begin filming Dec. 6, with actor Daniel Craig as James Bond and Sam Mendes of the Skyfall instalment directing.

Another Inquisitr piece reported that Lea Seydoux has been picked as "the new Bond girl" for the movie, slated for release in the UK Oct. 23, 2015, and in the U.S. Nov. 6, per Screen Rant.

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