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'Frozen 2' Trailer, Cast & Plot Rumors: Movie Sequel to be Titled 'Strange Magic'?

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Will the sequel to "Frozen" be titled "Frozen: Strange Magic"?

Stitch Kingdom reported that Disney has registered several domain names for an upcoming project and all the names made use of "Strange Magic." The House of Mouse's recently registered domain names include: strangemagic-thefilm.com, strangemagic-themovie.com, strangemagicfilm.com and strangemagicmovie.com.

The same outlet pointed out that the phrase "strange magic" was mentioned in "Frozen" -- not once, but twice. "Both Grand Pabbie makes reference to 'strange magic' and the Duke of Weselton make reference to 'strange magic,' as in this television spot," said Stitch Kingdom.

True enough, "strange magic" was indeed mustered in the teaser clip (watch below). Cinema Blend explained that both "characters are referring to Princess Elsa's ability to construct frozen objects with ice that fires out of her hands."

Some readers on Stitch Kingdom think that the "Strange Magic" domain names are actually in reference to the Doctor Strange movie.

"Couldn't it be the Dr. Strange movie?" asked Peter Thorn.

"That's what I was thinking. This most likely in regards to Dr. Strange," Loren replied.

Sean commented, "Absolutely not. It's in reference to Disney-Marvel's forthcoming Dr Strange movie. In the film, Strange inherits the title of "Sorcerer Supreme." Sorceror. Magic. Name of Strange. Strange Magic. Let it go, folks."

However, Stitch Kingdom maintains that "Strange Magic" is not related to Doctor Strange. "I'll tell you why it's definitely not Doctor Strange - Disney registered it, not Marvel. I can't find a case where Disney has registered anything for Marvel's films," the comment reads.

Whether or not "Frozen" fans will be seeing "Frozen: Strange Magic" in theaters remains unclear at this point. Disney, however, has confirmed a short film following the hit animated movie.

"Frozen Fever," as we previously reported, will be out in Spring 2015 with the plot: "Set on Anna's birthday, love interest Kristoff and sister Elsa attempt to give her the best birthday celebration."

Entertainment Weekly said that the short film will reunite "directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, as well as producer Peter Del Vecho, and Oscar-winning 'Let It Go' songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez" from the 2013 "Frozen" movie.

Cinema Blend notes that aside from a short film, a Broadway musical version of "Frozen" is also underway.

Disney is also working on novels, "Anna and Elsa: All Hail the Queen" and "Anna and Elsa: Memory & Magic" set to be released in 2015, we previously reported. Two more novels, still without titles, are also coming.

Excited for all these "Frozen" projects? Share your thoughts!

Watch and hear "strange magic" mentioned below.

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