Updated 08:33 AM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

Adrian Peterson News Updates: Nike Deal Terminated; NFL to Issue 'Potential Discipline'?

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After reaching a plea deal on his domestic violence case, Adrian Peterson is now asking to be reinstated to his team, the Minnesota Vikings, but his request has been immediately rejected by the NFL, saying that it will conduct a review to see if he needs to be given "potential discipline." To add insult to the injury, Nike has also cut ties with the embattled NFL player.

Fox Sports sources revealed that the NFL rejected the reinstatement attempt of Peterson's camp. The report added that the league refused to do more discussions on the matter. The sources further revealed that the NFL executives are still deciding on the status of Peterson and that his camp will immediately know any developments on that.

These decisions have been made after Peterson decided to plead no contest to misdemeanor charges, fining him $4,000 and penalizing him to serve 80 hours of community service. He got involved in this caucus after he allegedly hit his 4-year-old son with a branch of a tree.

A Reuters report said that while the NFL is studying Peterson's case, he will remain on its Exempt List, which means he will not be able to play in the games but still receive his full salary.

"The NFL advised Adrian Peterson this afternoon that following his plea agreement to resolve his criminal case in Texas his matter will now be reviewed for potential discipline under the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy," the NFL said in a statement quoted by Reuters.

The league also asked Peterson to submit necessary documents to NFL experts who will make recommendations to the league executives.

But it seems like his teammates are already waiting for his return. Jerome Felton told USA Today that they are hopeful that Peterson will be given the opportunity to come back.

"He'll definitely have 100 percent support in the locker room," he added.

Aside from his battles with the NFL, Peterson also had to face a blow on his endorsement deals after Nike terminated a contract with him.

ESPN said a spokesperson for the brand confirmed the news on Thursday and said that the suspension was carried out on Sept. 17. The report explained that "moral clauses" in the endorsement contract allowed Nike to terminate deals with its endorsers.

Peterson's issue with domestic violence certainly became a big issue for Nike as it cut ties with him though it did not ask him to pay anything for his misdemeanor. He is reported to be the fourth athlete to be cut from the line of Nike endorsers. Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, UFC fighter Jon Jones and Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorious also lost their endorsement deals with the brand after they got involved in felony charges. Aside from Nike, Peterson also lost endorsements for Castrol and EpiPen when the issue of his domestic violence surfaced.

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