Updated 09:31 PM EDT, Wed, Oct 20, 2021

'WWE 2K15' Roster News, Trailer & Gameplay: Daniel Bryan, Usos, Corey Graves Entrance Video Out [Watch Here]

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Wrestling fans and hardcore gamers are ready to #FeelIt.

The entrance video of the three playable characters in its new-generation wrestling game "WWE 2K15" for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is now out on Youtube, less than three weeks before it hits the game stalls.

The video showed the full entrance videos of Daniel Bryan, the Usos and Corey Graves. It already gained more than 179,000 hits and more than 2,300 likes.

Members of an IGN board dedicated to "WWE 2K15" were impressed by the video.

User "BigAC88" posted on the thread: "Wow, impressed. D-Bry looks world better than what we saw before. Loving the crowd doing the Yes! pose along with Bryan. Usos look fantastic, sound sync was a little weird, but nothing horrible at all."

However, the comments section of the Youtube video, which gained 49 dislikes, were able to spot the glitches.

User "Andy Badwool" was keen on the details: "[The Usos' entrance is] supposed to have a static Titantron with the Usos logo until the music kicks in, [but in the video] that's when the actual Titantron starts playing. It's funny because they actually got that right in 'WWE '13' but messed it up here."

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of "WWE 2K15" will be available on Nov. 18 in North America and Nov. 21 in Europe. It was previously released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Oct. 28 on Oct. 31 in North America and in Europe, respectively.

The game features 52 playable WWE superstars, according to the game website. The roster includes two Hulk Hogan editions -- "Hulkmania" and "Hollywood Hulkmania" -- and pre-order special Sting in normal and retro versions.

According to Playstationlifestyle.net, WWE's Diva Paige will be exclusively playable for gamers who will avail of the Season Pass Program for $24.99. The season pass allows access to all unlockable content available in the game ("Accelerator") and all three "2K Showcase" storylines of Randy Orton (One More Match), Mark Henry (Hall of Pain) and Ultimate Warrior (Path of the Warrior).

The game info provided by the WWE 2K website unveiled the new-gen features of the game. The "All-New MyCareer Mode" takes the user to create a custom WWE superstar "through an unprecedented and authentic WWE career spanning countless hours of gameplay."

It also said it enhanced the gameplay by adding more animations and a brand-new "chain wrestling system." The user may create custom superstar, customize current playable superstars, movesets and entrances.

A comparison of the "WWE 2K15" and its predecessor "WWE 2K14" by Computerandvideogames.com revealed the new scanning and motion capture process of the game developed by 2K Sports, creator of the NBA 2K games.

By taking screenshots of the "WWE 2K15" roster juxtaposed to its "WWE 2K14" counterparts on the Xbox 360 game versions, it said: "While some of the wrestlers in the past-gen version of 2K15 have indeed been improved (Batista, Rey Mysterio, the Bella twins, Natalya and Dolph Ziggler for example), the vast majority have simply received outfit updates."

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