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Black Friday 2014 Apple Deals: iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Macbook Air Discounts

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Black Friday is just a few weeks away and major tech retailers are already offering discount deals for Apple products. Naturally, the spotlight is on the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Gotta Be Mobile shared some scoop about what to expect from the upcoming Black Friday event.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offers

For this year, Sam's Club plans to sell the 4.7-inch with a 16GB memory iPhone 6 for $99, Gotta Be Mobile reports.

Here are details, according to a separate report by Gotta Be Mobile.

"You will need to go in store, and you need to be a Sam's Club member to take advantage of this deal. You'll also need to be eligible for an upgrade and to sign a two-year contract to score these deals. Here's the breakdown of these early iPhone 6 Black Friday 2014 deals.

  • $99 iPhone 6 16GB
  • $199 iPhone 6 64GB
  • $299 iPhone 6 128GB

"This is $100 off the iPhone 6′s normal price at carriers and retailers. This is valid one day only and users will need to act fast as there are only 40-50 iPhone 6 models available in each Sam's Club for this early iPhone 6 Black Friday deal."

Network World adds that the sale is available for one day only (November 15) through in-store purchases.

The iPhone discount deals are just a preparation of what's to come for Black Friday and Thanksgiving. According to Eric Jones of deal watching site BestBlackFriday.com, "That price is going to be widespread among stores carrying the iPhone. The iPhone 6 Plus will be discounted, but not nearly as much ($20-$40)," as quoted by Network World.

More retailers are following Sam's Club footsteps. Along with the latter, Target Corporation is also willing to give iPhone buyers a $300 discount if they trade-in their old iPhones, Value Walk reports. However, the discount may not be exactly $300 because it will depend on the condition and the model of your old iPhone. The old phones should still be in good working condition and without a broken screen display.

"The deal is good only if your old device is iPhone 4 or newer. Buyers will have to sign a two-year contract or go through AT&T's Next or Verizon's Edge plans," Value Walk clarifies. "Target has promised that buyers will get a guaranteed $100 towards their purchase, irrespective of which model they trade in with," the report added.

iPad Mini and Macbook Air Deals

Android Origin reports that the iPad Mini could be sold for as low as $199. Examiner adds that the iPad Air 2 and other iPad mini products are expected to have discounts ranging from $50 to $100.

"As for iMac and MacBook Black Friday 2014 deals, there are typically some deals available every year. Those discounts are usually in the range of $50 to $200 off via cash or gift cards," Examiner reports.

According to Gadget Insiders, Best Buy will have a pre-Black Friday sale on November 8. The retailer plans to give buyers a $50 gift card if they buy an iPad Air 2 or the original iPad Air. A $100 gift card will be given to customers who will buy the Macbook Air.

Toys R' Us is also offering an iPad deal for their pre-Black Friday sale. Purchasing any iPad model would give buyers a $30 gift card. Even though that's smaller than what Best Buy offers, Toys R' Us' deal will give customers more time to save up money because it will last until November 22. However, the $30 gift card from the iPad deals of Toys R' Us is only valid until January, Gadget Insiders noted.

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