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'Jurassic Park 4' Trailer, Release Date & Plot: Teaser Delayed to December

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The trailer of the long-awaited fourth installment of the popular "Jurassic Park" movie franchise, "Jurassic World," was expected to be released this month. But just recently it was announced that it was to debut in December instead.

According to The Epoch Times, an insider named "spatulashack" on the Box Office forums stated that the trailer for the movie titled "Jurassic Park: Jurassic World" was pushed back to December 17 to premiere alongside a sneak peek of "The Hobbit 3." Lawyer Herald added that the release of the movie trailer for "Jurassic World" was previously scheduled to debut with sci-fi film "Interstellar" this month.

"From what I hear, once the decision to debut 'Fast 7' on 'Interstellar' was made, the studio's original course of action was a non-ideal split target where the 'Jurassic' trailer would premiere exclusively on IMAX prints of 'Interstellar' with 'Fast 7' taking all other screens," the source said, as quoted by The Epoch Times.

It was implied that Universal Studios aimed to focus first on "Furious 7," which will premiere in theaters before "Jurassic World," The Epoch Times noted.

"After a lot of back and forth the studio felt such a diluted debut theatrically may be counter intuitive. The final nail in the coffin came when the digital marketing team responsible for getting the trailers up on social media and film blogs objected to debuting two highly-anticipated trailers in the same window effectively splitting the online news coverage," the insider added via The Epoch Times.

The news disappointed many fans, who have been anticipating the trailer for the fourth movie of "Jurassic Park." The third installment was released back in 2001, Lawyer Herald noted.

Movie poster out

Lawyer Herald also added that the "Jurassic World" movie poster has the same familiar design as the first three films.

"As with the posters of the previous installments, this movie poster still featured the popular open-mouthed T-Rex dinosaur outline along with the title beneath it. However, the movie poster for this new installment is featured in a grayscale, unlike the previous ones that were in color," Lawyer Herald described.

"Jurassic World," which was based on Michael Crichton's bestselling sci-fi novel of the same name, will continue the story which first took place 22 years ago, Air Herald reported. The 1993 film adaptation became one of director Steven Spielberg's most popular productions.

The fourth installment is slated to debut in theaters on June 12, 2015. The film will feature the theme park Jurassic World which was situated in the original Isla Nublar. The dinosaurs, which have been brought back from the prehistoric era through cloning process, are now tamed and are attracting millions of visitors worldwide.

However, fast declining tickets of the attraction prompted park owners to splice the dinosaur DNA to create a new creature called "Diabolous Rex" or D-Rex. Things started going sour when the mutated dinosaur escapes from captivity and inflicts havoc on its path, Air Herald further reported.

"Jurassic World" is directed by Colin Trevorrow and stars "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor Chris Pratt, according to Cinema Blend. The movie will also feature Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, and Nick Robinson, among others.

Fans have to wait another month for the trailer of "Jurassic World." But you can relive the thrilling world of the first three "Jurassic Park" films by watching the trailers below:

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