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iPhone 7 Release Date & Rumors: 5 Features & Specs Likely for Apple Smartphone

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It might be a bit too early to speculate but according to reports, here are the top five likely specs and features of the next iPhone.

iPhone 7 instead of iPhone 6S or iPhone Air?

MacWorld UK reported that the next generation of the Apple flagship device could be named iPhone 7 instead of iPhone 6S. "...it's been rumoured for a few years now that Apple is considering dropping the 'S' naming convention, as it's beginning to be perceived negatively," said the report.

Judging from Apple's pattern of naming the iPhone, the next generation name would be iPhone 6S. iPhone 7 is plausible too, as mentioned, but could it also be called iPhone Air?

Sidewall Displays

It looks like the Cupertino-based tech giant is following the footsteps of rival Samsung as MacWorld UK said that the next iPhone could come with sidewall displays.

Last year, CNet reported of a granted patent application believed to be of Apple's. The patent, titled "Electronic devices with sidewall displays", according to the report, "describes how flexible displays, including OLEDs, can be placed on the sides of a screen to create a wraparound display experience."

This won't be a first, should the technology make it to the iPhone 6S/ 7/ Air. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge features a similar sidewall display. According to Engadget, the Note Edge is a Note 4 in almost all aspects, except the "5.6-inch Quad HD+ bent display (the 'plus' in Quad HD+ refers to the 160 rows of extra pixels used on the side display)."

Sapphire Glass Screen

The next generation iPhone could also come with a sapphire glass screen, instead of Gorilla glass, noted MacWorld UK. However, BGR counters that the iPhone 6S/ 7/ Air could also not come with the pricey display.

"Apple probably isn't making an iPhone with a sapphire display anytime soon, especially given the surprising bankruptcy of its former sapphire manufacturing partner, GT Advanced Technologies," said BGR.

In addition, an all-sapphire screen would have "very high reflectance compared with Corning's Gorilla Glass", BGR pointed out, hinging on DisplayMate president Ray Soneira.

"So forget about Sapphire on future iPhones because if you apply an anti-reflection coating to Sapphire, which has a very high 8% reflectance all by itself, you lose its very high scratch resistance because the softer coating is now on top," Soneira explains as quoted by BGR.

Liquid Metal Chassis

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus' successor could also have a liquid metal body, said MacWorld UK. Apple has already filed for a patent for liquid metal technology as reported by Patently Apple.

"They tell us in each patent application that they'll be able to use this material in future iDevices and wearable computers," Patently Apple said. 

New Charger

Finally, the next generation iPhone could charge with a new reversible Lightning cable. PadGadget reported of the patent titled "Reversible USB Connector with Compliant Member to Spread Stress and Increase Contact Normal Force" saying:

"Based on the description in this patent, the cable will include a flexible tongue that will allow it to bend to fit any existing USB port. There would be different elements involved to help alleviate stress on the tongue while making sure there is a tight contact between the connector and the port."

But a reversible USB cable to charge the next iPhone is not all! A new dock with flexible Lightning connector could also be underway. Patently Apple said that the iPhone-maker's "ongoing work" on the new dock is described in a patent application.

As for the release date, MacWorld UK said that the iPhone 6S/ 7/ Air could be out as early as 2015.

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