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NFL News: Bruins Costume as 'Frozen' in Children's Hospital Visit; Dougie Hamilton is Elsa [Photos]

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You need not ask, "What if Dougie Hamilton were a woman?" because the hockey defenseman from Boston Bruins assumed the role of Elsa of "Frozen" fame Monday afternoon at the Boston Children's Hospital.

It was a full cast today, with Kristoff, Anna, Sven, Hans and Olaf also showing up to make the kids' stay at the hospital fun. Look at them below:

The Instagram post containing the photo has nearly 30,000 likes.

CBS Boston commented that professional athletes assuming the role of characters beloved to children -- especially this Halloween season -- are sure to elicit delight, and the 6-foot-5 Hamilton flaunting a sequined dress is no exception.

Teammate Matt Fraser took the Anna post; Torey Krug was Olaf the Snowman; Seth Griffith, the antagonistic prince charming Hans; Kevan Miller, Kristoff; and Matt Bartkowski, Sven the Reindeer during the volunteer work.

Griffith and Miller are the year's newbies. They're lucky because Hamilton was dressed as a baby on his first year on the tour. Below is a photo of Kristoff (Miller) and Sven (Bartkowski) in action, entertaining one of the patients.

The act was a Bruins Halloween tradition. Yearly, the players head to the Boston Children's Hospital dressed up, often in the range of ridiculous and embarassing, explained CBS Sports,  

BostInno agreed that the team is not treading new territory with the recent shenanigan. This year is shocking nonetheless and Hamilton, 21, stole the show as the Snow Queen on his third tour, the report added.

According to Fansided, Zdeno Chara -- in a pink bunny suit years ago -- may be injured but his team still accomplished their mission with flying colors, winning over cyberspace in a stunt that, at least the report noted, "owned the NHL."

Aside from dressing up, the Fansided report said, the team also went "reverse trick-or-treating," and Fox Sports thought they nailed it.

Sports Illustrated observed that this year, the Bruins stepped up. They shifted from random costumes to a theme.

"I've been able to do this in the past, and it's pretty enjoyable for us so hopefully it's just as enjoyable for the kids," Hamilton told the Bruins Blog. Asked if playing Elsa was embarrasing for him, he replied: "Not at all... I think it's fun, whatever can make them smile."

"We're all fans of it, I've seen the movie and I'm a fan so I'm not going to lie about that ... So it's fun to be able to be something that's popular and they all know it, and make them smile, so it's all about fun," he added.

"[The visit is] really important," said Krug. "These are tough times for these families and any temporary relief you can give them is definitely beneficial."

What's more, the report added, Bruins' "Frozen" cast sang the popular song, "Let It Go." We hope the kids didn't get frozen by bad singing.

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