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'Frozen 2' Release Date, Cast & Plot Rumors: Disney Not Rushing Sequel Movie; 'Perfect Follow-up Story' is Key, Says CEO

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"Frozen 2" will not be hitting the big screen immediately, as Disney appears to take things at a slow-but-sure pace. Although the sequel has strongly been suggested, its release will definitely not arrive prematurely.

According to Hallels, Disney's CEO Bob Iger said in an interview that the animation company is not rushing for a sequel. Fans are given priority -- disappointment is not an option.

Iger said, "In order to make the perfect movie sequel, the filmmakers have to write the perfect follow-up story for it. Otherwise, Frozen won't be as good anymore and that would surely disappoint everyone."

He said over Bloomberg, "I don't wanna rule anything out about the future of 'Frozen.' We've been as specific as we can be at this point about other plans."

It appears Disney is pressured to cook up the second film in a manner that sustains fans' enthusiasm. For the company, caution must be taken to prevent any consequent damages to the glory attained by the franchise.

"Frozen" chronicled the adventures of sisters, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna in Arendelle, as the former held the power -- or curse -- to freeze anything. Under desperate emotions, Elsa was haunted by such ability and isolates herself far from Anna. The story ended with Elsa being able to control her powers, while Anna and Kristoff pursue a cliffhanging love affair. Arendelle, which initially appeared to suffer an irreversible winter, was put back to normal.

With a $150 million production budget, "Frozen" grossed $1,274,219,009 worldwide. As recorded by Box Office Mojo, the film took a domestic earning of $400,738,009, while international sales amounted to $873,481,000. This makes "Frozen" the highest-grossing animated film of all time, wrote The Hollywood Reporter.

Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, the film received a plethora of awards, including Best Animated Feature Film at the 2013 Academy Awards. "Let It Go," the franchise's anthem written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, won Best Original Song in the same show.

Aside from the highly-anticipated "Frozen" sequel, Disney is giving birth to a new princess named "Moana" in 2016. We have reported that the Polynesian princess takes on an oceanic adventure in search of a fabled island. "Moana" is said to be the fifth, non-White Disney princess; her character is expected to represent diversity in the context of cultural differences. She appears to follow the representations of "Pocahontas," "Mulan," Jasmine ("Aladdin") and Tiana ("The Princess and The Frog").

Can't wait to see "Frozen 2?" Might as well check out Disney's "Frozen Fever" first, the short feature film slated for release in Spring 2015.

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