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Carrie Underwood Pregnant & Divorce Rumors: 'Something in the Water' Singer Feuding With Husband?

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After nine years of hiatus, "American Idol" Season 4 winner, Carrie Underwood, is set to revive her musical career with her new single, "Something in the Water" before 2014 ends.

With lyrics such as "got joy in my heart, angels on my side" and "got washed in the water, washed in the blood," the new song is a clear reflection of the 31-year-old singer's Christian faith, which she has always been very vocal about.

While her musical breakthrough makes news, rumors about Carrie's feud with husband Mike Fisher have also surfaced. Allegedly, the couple's quarrel stems from Mike's insensitivity in helping out Carrie do household chores.

Mere speculations?

Celeb Dirty Laundry cited Star Magazine's claim, "Since news broke that the pro hockey player's wife Carrie Underwood is pregnant with the couple's first child, Star can reveal that the dad-to-be isn't making enough of an effort to alleviate some of her responsibilities."

If these rumors were true, could this be the end for them?

Star's insiders continued, "Carrie has always done the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. But, it has been harder for her to keep up since she got pregnant. She gets bouts of morning sickness and is tired a lot of the time. Carrie constantly asks Mike to help out more, but he is oblivious to it. It's gotten to the point where she is starting to resent him, and the stress isn't good for the baby."

Yet it could be Carrie's choice to do more physical work. People reported that the soon-to-be mommy is actually working out, with trainer Erin Oprea at her side. The coach praised her trainee, "She's a champ!"

Since Carrie is pregnant, her workout might not be that intensive -- she would still probably need a helper or two or her own husband to help out with house responsibilities. Oprea continued, "We're going for lighter weight, higher reps."

Music worth the wait

Composed by Chris DeStefano, James Brett and Carrie herself, "Something in the Water" is part of the latter's upcoming album, "Greatest Hits: Decade #1." DeStefano remembered the cabin where the idea was born. He said via CMT, "I remember it like it was yesterday, getting chill bumps when she said that title... It felt so right with the music."

The album is slated for release on Dec. 9, wrote Taste of Country. Fans will be delighted as Carrie's chart-topping hits are said to be featured.

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