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'NBA 2K15' Release Date, Gameplay Trailer, Ratings, Reviews & News: PC Patch Out

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Launch day could have been hell for NBA 2K15, after the online activity on Oct. 7 bogged down its servers and exposed many other problems, but 2K Games is trying to get back on its feet through launching the first patch for the PC version on Oct. 23.

Some gamers had a hard time downloading content on Day One and the problem continues two weeks in, Attack of the Fanboy said, explaining that the 80-megabyte patch will help ease some of the headache encountered by PC users, while PS4 and Xbox One users are expected to get their fix soon.

Polygon said the leading advantage of the 2K15 experience—the online activity—has become its waterloo because, in many instances, online glitches have limited players.

On MyPARK, an online feature, while the shooting experience has improved to reflect real-life circumstances, Polygon noted that defense and the floaty are problematic.

You can press the right stick and the left trigger to activate close defense, but it won't work properly, it noted. Also, the trigger for turbo on floaty movement overruns the play.

But that's beside the point. MyPARK, of all the online modes, often experiences server disconnections and unnecessary boots, the report said. The NBA 2K Sports series is very engrossing, and the 2K15 is the most dramatic yet, but the online aspect is debilitating.

Three gameplay modes depend on the Cloud but 2K15 servers are often overwhelmed or offline, a problem that 2K Sports has apologized for since 2011 and has promised to improve on, Polygon explained.

Sportskeeda noted the same thing, saying a multitude of fans reacted negatively to the server issues with the MyPARK, MyTeam and Pre-Order features.

A frustrated Polygon commenter recounted his experience in the comment box, saying: "The game is really well done gameplay and feature wise. My problems are that the servers drop out constantly."

"For the last 4 days or so EVERY mycareer game I play drops the connection and boots me and 2k made the retarded decision to not have the game save before kicking me. Which means I'll make it to the fourth quarter of a game thinking hey this might actually not drop out only to have it drop out and reset that game which is just a waste of time," the person said.

Another commenter said: "This game is the epitome of frustrating ... all that to say, I'd say this game is one that is like a 10/10 of gameplay and presentation but a 1.5/10 on just about everything else which would make a 6/10 just about right as a score. I'm just glad I didn't buy 2k15..."

Attack of the Fanboy lists 14 points the PC patch addresses, including issues on MyPARK, frame rate stuttering and Online League hangs. Sportskeeda also said the face scan, which on its first year produced disfigured faces, will be patched.

However, the 2K15 support team needs to hurry, because even if the game is the best this year, followers can only wait so long.

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