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Facebook Messenger App: 'Rooms' Anonymous Chat & Posts; How To Use & Where to Download

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Connecting people, sharing lives -- it's free and always will be. Leave the applause to Facebook, for coming up with a new app designed to mobilize communication among anonymous users.

The social media giant launched Rooms on Thursday, an app that allows users to create rooms based on interest. According to Time, Rooms is a separate entity from its creator. Thus, Facebook log-in credentials such as name and location will not be needed in order to start a Room.

Using Rooms is easy: users pick a topic, create a room and customize. Invites can be sent online or offline.

It must be noted that Rooms is currently exclusive for iOS users. Android and desktop versions will be available in the future, wrote the Telegraph.

Why Rooms caters to anonymous users is explained by the app's developers. Facebook product manager Josh Miller said, "There is a good reason in a lot of situations why you don't want people to know who you are and it's not because of something sketchy. We want to give people flexibility because that's what they want."

This appears to be Facebook's answer to recent issues concerning the mandatory use of real names in the main social site. PC Mag cited criticisms faced by the company surrounding its real name policy, when San Francisco drag queens were forced to change their names.

Branding itself as "simple, beautiful and ad-free", beta social network Ello is on the rise, reiterating its manifesto that people are not "products." As reported, the site allows its users to choose any name they want. Ello remains to be invite-only, although requests can be made.

To access a room, TechCrunch reported that the technology makes use of an invite-only, QR-code system where actual photos or screenshots of a particular code can be used.

Here are the steps to get started:

1. Download Rooms at the App Store.

2. Open the App and tap "Create Room" found in the home screen's bottom left.

3. Create a name, add description and tap "Done."

4. Decide whether or not the room's posts: must be approved by a moderator; 18+; or publicly searchable.

5. "Create" the room and choose your nickname.

6. To invite other users, enter the room desired for sharing.

7. Tap "Share an Invite."

8. Select the manner by which the invite (QR code) will be sent.

9. To enter a room, screenshot the QR code invite and open the Rooms app.

10. Tap "Use Invite" found at the home screen's bottom right.

Rooms require iOS 7 or greater. It is compatible with Apple devices iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Download Rooms via iTunes here.

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