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Miami Heat Roster, 2014 Schedule & News: Dwayne Wade Plays With 90-Year-Old Female Fan

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Dwyane Wade made someone's birthday wish come true when he agreed to play a one-on-one game with a 90-year-old woman.

TMZ thinks it is "the cutest damn thing" and Fansided calls it the "feel-good story of the week" when the NBA superstar met Illuminada Magtoto—or Grandma Nelly—on Tuesday for a match.

Watch the heart-tugging moments here:

Magtoto, a South Florida resident, first challenged Wade on YouTube, finishing off the video with a two-point shot.

The video from Tuesday started with Wade welcoming a teary-eyed Magtoto. "All my life I'm longing to see him," she said. "This is it."

"I thank you so much for being a fan of mine and the Heat," Wade said, before they started shooting. At some point, the star said Magtoto did better lobs than Mario Chalmers.

"This is real and this is what it's about," Wade said. "This gives me life. This gives me purpose... This is my dream come true."

Wade also took to Instagram, saying: "Today after shootard. I had the chance to meet this lovely lady. You never know the impact you have on people and meeting her made me realize yet again that my life is bigger than basketball."

With one of the hashtags, he admitted that he almost welled up as Magtoto cried. Likes are at 77,500, and comments call Wade "the best role model" and a "real hero," among others.

That's a welcome breather for someone constantly doubted these days, as proven by the fact that NBA general managers wrote him off among the league's best shooting guards for the first time in eight years, per Sun Sentinel.

"I've got enough motivation,'' he said in the report. "I know what I'm playing for. I know what I can do. Stuff like that doesn't bother me. When I was younger, it bothered me. Now it doesn't. Not this year."

Now 32 and with troublesome knees, Wade recently dropped 26 points in a preseason game Miami Heat won against the Houston Rockets, telling Sun Sentinel he still has a lot to offer.

"I'll know when I can't do that anymore... There comes a time when this up here (points to his head) is telling you something that this down here (pointing to his body) won't let you do. I'm not close to that," he was quoted as saying.

He is seen with a sure spot in the First Five with Chris Bosh, per the Bleacher Report. Chalmers—or one between Norris Cole and Shabazz Napier—Luol Deng and Josh McRoberts are expected to join them.

"I love the challenge I have and we have as a team. I think it was good in my career. I think it's given me some energy," he said in the Sun Sentinel. "My motivation is to go out and play the game and still play it at a high level."

Heat will play the Washington Wizards Oct. 30.

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