Updated 12:41 PM EDT, Thu, Oct 21, 2021

iOS 8 Jailbreak Release Date News Update: Evasi0n8 & Pangu to Make Download Available Soon?

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Apple is speculated to release the so-called iOS 8.1 later this month. iOS users on the lookout for an updated jailbreak system could potentially acquire Evad3rs' Evasi0n8 or China's Pangu soon, according to International Business Times.

Pangu said via Cult of Mac, "For iOS 8, we are already on the way."

What seems to delay jailbreak systems?

The numerous bugs encountered by users of the iOS 8 could explain why jailbreaking cannot be done immediately. Reddit user grapplerone wrote that before developers can actually get their products working, Apple must first release the new iOS update.

Grapplerone said, "I know a lot of people are impatiently waiting on a jailbreak for iOS 8. I would also like to see that happen myself. However, after going through so many jailbreaks of the past and new iOS releases it's becoming clear to me it's a waste of developers' time to create a jailbreak for a new iOS before Apple has their new version working properly!"

The user pointed that stability of the OS is a key signal for developers to start producing jailbreak codes.

On the contrary, Air Herald listed the long-running SafeRa1n.com to offer a working jailbreak for iOS 8.0.2. The system, called "SafeRa1n V0.3," was reported to run on all iOS devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is the process of freeing a device from the limitations imposed by its carrier and/or manufacturer. About informed that the process allows users to transfer software applications from computer to another device (such as iPhone). It lets users "do everything," from interface customization to third-party app installation.

One striking result is having the ability to unlock the device and use it under another carrier. Therefore, jailbreaking liberates the device and allows the user to gain maximum control over it.

The disadvantages of jailbreaking are all about risks--risk of losing the device's warranty and risk of disabling or damaging it.

Last week, The Hacker News reported that an existing security loop in the iOS 8 allowed access to SNES games without jailbreaking an Apple device. Coming from Dario Sepulveda of the GBA4iOS team, the loophole called "Date Trick" allowed iOS users to download and install unapproved apps via a Safari browser. This method technically bypasses the restrictions set by the App Store. It works by adjusting the device's date and time two months earlier or more.

Yet the said trick will not last if the user decides to upgrade his device to iOS 8.1, said Christian Today.

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