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Ebola Virus 2014 Outbreak News Update: Death Toll Rising; 10,000 Cases a Week Expected

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On Tuesday, WHO Assistant Director-General Dr. Bruce Aylward announced the rising statistics covered by the magnitude of the Ebola virus--and they're devastating.

Among confirmed cases, Ebola's death rate hit 70%. CNN reported that this rate is specific to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In addition, there could be 10,000 new cases every week by the end of this year.

The death toll has risen to 4,447 from 8,914 reported cases. This is an indicator that the outbreak remains, despite global efforts of containing it.

The current death rate increases from the previous figure noted at 50%. According to CBS News, Aylward marked that a 70% death rate accounted for "a high mortality disease" in any circumstance. Over the last four weeks, he informed that 1,000 new cases were suspected and confirmed per week. The WHO will undertake efforts to reverse the outbreak in two months' time.

Before the calendar hits Dec. 1, the WHO specifically aims to have 70% of Ebola patients isolated and 70% of victims' burials safely.

Second Ebola case in the U.S.

Hospital personnel are undeniably put at high-risk, with the first nurse confirmed to contract Ebola in the American soil. Currently, Dallas nurse Nina Pham is reported to be in good condition. The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital listed her case stable on Monday, wrote WFAA.

Pham handled America's first Ebola-confirmed patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who died on Oct. 8 after testing positive on Sept. 30. She has reportedly received blood from Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly.

The 26-year-old Vietnamese-American nurse expressed her gratitude, "I'm doing well and want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers."

CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden addressed the issue, "For any hospital anywhere in the country that has a confirmed case of Ebola, we will put a team on the ground within hours." This response team will be composed of experts in infection control, protective equipment and experimental therapies.

'Fighting for people'

Meanwhile, head of the new Ebola Emergency Response Mission Anthony Banbury said via The New York Times that none of the three highly-affected countries was prepared enough. In terms of treatment beds and staff members, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leon could be easily overwhelmed should numbers surge.

"We are fighting for people who are alive and healthy today, but will become infected by Ebola and die if we do not put in place the necessary emergency response," Banbury said.

On a lighter note, Aylward revealed that the survival rate is now 30% in most affected countries.

Watch an excerpt of Dr. Alyward's news conference below (via Ruptly TV).

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