Updated 11:14 AM EST, Mon, Mar 01, 2021

Nexus 9 - HTC Volantis: Tablet News Update & Release Date: Launch Price, Specs and Rumors

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In a possible attempt to compete with Apple's major iPad announcement on Thursday, reports are coming in from Forbes that another major table from Google will be coming out as early as Two weeks from now. Whether it will be known by its codename as the HTC Volantis or the Nexus 9 is curently unknown.

This may seem like a major step away from the typical event reveal that companies like Google are known for. Apparently that is intentional. The company was reportedly so busy perfecting the Android L operating system that they did not have time for a big reveal. Instead, the product will be announced via blog post tomorrow.

Volantis will be available for pre-order on Oct. 17th and will officially hit store shelves on Nov. 3rd. The tablet will be the first device to run Android L. There may be some changes as the release date closes in, but for now it is believed that the 16 GB version will cost $399 with the 32 GB LTE version will be $499. Both devices will have the options for expanded memory.

Other than that, the specifications of the device are identical to what was purported to be leaked earlier. The Volantis will have an 8.9 inch, 2048x1440 display with a 64 bit dual core processor. 8MP and 3MP cameras will grace the back and front of the device, respectively.

HTC's most popular features will also be making their way onto the new device from Google. This includes HTC's boomsound system and the dual front facing speakers that were previously seen on the One M8 and Desire EYE.

In an effort to keep costs down, the frame of the product will have a brushed metal style finish rather than an all-metal design.

The device will also come with an "origami" style stand-case that can be bent into any shape to prop the tablet up.

This is an obvious tactic to place Google in direct competition with Apple this coming holiday season. Apple, who recently made headlines with the launch of the iPhone 6, is set to announce a new iPad on Thursday. Rumors are circulating that the new tablet device will be dubbed the "iPad Pro" and will have a 9.7 inch display and will have a new focus on appealing to the professional atmosphere, as its name suggests.

This week is shaping up to be a critical week for tablet tech. All will be revealed in just a few days as Google and Apple show their hands for the holiday season.

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