Updated 06:07 PM EDT, Sat, Oct 31, 2020

'Doctor Strange' Movie Casting & Film Release Date Rumors: Keanu Reeves Willing to Do Titular Role

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Will the actor bring Doctor Strange to life on screen? He isn't shutting off the possibility.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Keanu Reeves has revealed that he is actually quite open to the rumored Doctor Strange film portrayal.

In a press event for his upcoming movie, "John Wick", the actor admitted that he didn't know a lot about the Sorcerer Supreme but is interested enough to do a little research about the character.

"After this, I'm going to go check it out, because I heard about that. So I can't speak knowledgeably about 'Doctor Strange.' But would I be good for the guy?" he asked Screen Rant.

When the outlet said he'd be "perfect", he responded: "Cool. Well, I've gotta check it out. Because I like that kind of stuff."

He also said yes to starring in yet another comic book movie, telling Screen Rant:

"Yeah, I mean, to me, I love that - I think 'John Wick' falls into this in a sense, the world creation. I like those movies. I go to those movies. I grew up on those movies. I like acting in those movies. You get to do fun, cool **** and entertain. I love all that."

Reeves played the titular role in the movie "Constantine", released in 2005. The movie is the film adaptation of "Hellblazer" which centers on John Constantine, a supernatural detective.

Way back in 1999, Reeves also portrayed Neo in "The Matrix." Thomas Anderson and computer programmer during the day, Reeves' character transforms into a hacker alias Neo by night.

"The Matrix" was actually first released as webcomics. It saw two more sequels, "The Matrix Reloaded" in 2003 and "The Matrix Revolutions" in 2005. It also inspired video games, "Enter the Matrix" and "The Matrix Online."

Though Reeves' already has a good solid background on comic book movies, including the action-thriller and comic-book inspired "John Wick" set for an Oct. 24 release date, he is not the only actor Doctor Strange fans are rooting for.

It can be recalled that Benedict Cumberbatch was reportedly considered for the role, along with Tom Hardy, said Deadline. Screen Rant said that Joaquin Phoenix, also initially wanted to play the titular role in the upcoming "Doctor Strange" movie, has been eradicated from the rumored list of names after plans "fell through."

Based on Screen Rant's readers, other likely candidates are Viggo Mortensen, Oded Fehr and Pedro Pascal. Who's your bet?

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