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Halloween 2014: Top Costume Ideas for Girls

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The scariest holiday of the year is just a few weeks away so what better way to spend time than looking for the best Halloween costume online? Be the talk of the with an "it" costume which will make you stand out in all the parties. Let your wild side shine and take this your chance to be who you want to be.

When it comes to contemporary characters, here are some of the suggestions posted by Hollywood Life.

  1. Frozen Royalty - As it stands, nothing can trump the fame of Disney's Frozen. Put your spin on Arendelle's Queen and Princess that will turn heads of not only kids but adults as well. 
  2. Maleficent - Channel your inner Angelina Jolie and make bad look good. This is especially simple because when it comes to the base of the costume, you can just pull out your most flattering black dress and embellish it accordingly.
  3. Black Widow - How about dressing up as the butt-kicking Natasha Romanov aka the feisty Black Widow who is able to keep up with the mightiest heroes in the Avengers team.
  4. Groot - While you could go Gamora since that would be the obvious choice, one of the much-loved characters in the film was Groot. Get the mask, which you can purchase online and wear a brown outfit and you're good to go. Talk about quick and easy.
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Bring your childhood back with a Ninja Turtle costume. This isn't only for boys, how about a fitted green leotard outfit and your own turtle shell capped with an eye cover matching your favorite turtle?
  6. Zombie - Like vampires, zombies are an in thing. What's ideal about this costume for Halloween this year is its scare element along with it being a pop culture interest.

For more out-of-the-box costume ideas, here are some suggested by Huffington Post.

  1. Candy Crush - Mix sweet, salty, challenging and interesting by dressing up as a the app game. Using an all black, skin-tight outfit, stick homemade candies from cutouts on yourself.
  2. Old-Age Film Actors - Have a unique couple's costume and reminisce of the days long gone. Wear a retro outfit and as a fun quirk, you can walk around with a chalkboard as your method of "dialogue." To take it one step further, how about some body color/ paint in a grey shade to give you that authentic vintage-film look.

What's your favorite Halloween costume so far?

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