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'Star Trek 3' 2016 Movie Cast, Plot Rumors & News: William Shatner's Captain Kirk Role Details Revealed

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Star Trek icon William Shatner is believed to be reprising his role for a cameo in "Star Trek 3," which coincides with the franchise's 50th anniversary.

Based on reports circulating, IGN noted that Shatner, 83, is rumored to be appearing in the flick as James T. Kirk.

The site reported that per Badass Digest, Kirk's older Shatner is said to be involved in a scene that involves stars Chris Pine's present, Kirk, and Zachary Quinto's Spock. From the looks of it, the interaction will be between the character's present and future selves.

Along with Shatner, Leonard Nimoy will reportedly be playing Quinto's older self. 

Additionally, IGN also reported that sources of BD indicate "Shatner and Nimoy's Kirk and Spock won't be from the original series (or "Prime") timeline, but from an alternate future created by J.J. Abrams' 2009 Trek."

The details as to how this timeline connection will be made haven't been detailed but per the Digest, an alternative, if time travel isn't done, is through some soft of holodeck technology that will be a virtual interaction, much like the deleted "recorded message" plot that was supposed to be included in the 2009 "Star Trek" film.

Shatner made the news earlier this week when he teased fans over Twitter with a cryptic post saying, I'm baaaaccckk!!!," noted The Hollywood Reporter.

Many of his fans believed that the statement was regarding his rumored appearance in the third installment of the iconic franchise he's been a part of for decades.

After speculation grew on the the possibility that he would reprise his role, Shatner quickly deleted the post and shot down rumors clarifying through another tweet that he only mean he was back in L.A. after a trip from London. 

While Shatner refuses to confirm any possible involvement, he admitted that producer J.J. Abrams, who is not directing the film this time around, contacted him regarding a cameo for the film.

An insider reportedly told The Wrap that the said cameo is a great possibility, but no finalized deal has been penned since the script is not yet final.

The actor played the infamous Captain Kirk role in the popular television series between1966 to 1969.

"Star Trek 3" is expected to be released in theaters sometime in 2016.

What're your thoughts? Think Shatner is pulling our leg? 

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