Updated 07:07 PM EDT, Thu, Oct 21, 2021

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Problems: Apple Phone Owners in Crisis Due to 'Hairgate?'

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Apple's latest flagship phone sure has taken its debut by storm-but the aftermath appears to be a little devastating for some who welcomed the iPhone 6 with open arms.

It was recently alleged that the controversial smartphone can rip its user's hair off-and reportedly, it hurts.

This undesirable discovery is coined as the "Hairgate," queuing in the string of "-gates" that began with iPhone 4's "Antennagate." Then came the same iPhone 6's "Bendgate." Apparently, social media has amplified a post in 9to5Mac where a user observed that the 6 Plus was "yanking out" hair.

The user explained the situation, "I'm more concerned and somewhat irritated that my iPhone 6 Plus, keeps yanking out my hair when I'm making call. Initially I thought it was the hair sticking to the screen protector. But upon closer inspection, it was the seam between the glass and aluminium- hair gets stuck and when you try to free it out, it hurts. I believe it's not only me."

As logical as it seems that a tiny thread of hair may be trapped in an open "seam", Reuters reported that not only scalp hair is affected by the "Hairgate." The outlet cited bearded users claiming that their facial hair gets yanked as well.

Since "Hairgate" appears to be an umbrella issue, the term "Beardgate" could rise as a subset or perhaps an autonomous claim. Gillette saw it coming and tweeted a reminder, "Your phone may be smarter than ever, but leave the shaving to the experts. #beardgate."

As expected, Twitter exploded with public commentary following #Hairgate.

"If you buy an iPhone 6, you better be totally bald," David Smith wrote.

Riaad Moosa tweeted, "Many complaints about new iPhone Six--bends in pocket & traps facial hair in the seam. Rather call it the iPhone Sux."

"Awesome, turns out the new iPhone 6 also hurts hipsters. Is there nothing it can't do?" Nic Halley asked.

Meanwhile, Gordon Kelly from Forbes reported that the "Hairgate" does not actually exist. Kelly himself uses the 6 Plus. He told that there is no such gap between the front glass and the aluminium. He explained that the glass is fused to the aluminium and that the visible "gap" is thinner than human hair.

Apple is not the only tech giant to go through all these "-gates," as Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 was referred to having a "Gapgate." According to Tech Times, users reported a certain space between the phone's frame and display--where a business card allegedly fits.

See how the social media saw "Hairgate" below.

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