Updated 08:22 AM EST, Mon, Dec 06, 2021

iPhone 7 Release Date & Rumors Update: Apple Phone to be Called 'iPhone Air'

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Nearly a month after it was unveiled, the iPhone 6 has spent time in the limelight well-enough to break sales records of its predecessors. But Apple's latest flagship may no longer be the town's talk, as the iPhone 7 brews warm interest among netizens.

Earlier this year, Macworld has reported the possible arrival date of the iPhone 7. The source reported that although Apple has been following the trend of attaching "s" after the numbers of its iPhones, users are beginning to take the branding negatively. iPhones with "s" in them appeared to be mere "stepping stones" into a much better handset.

Yet another speculation tells that the iPhone 7 could also be named the iPhone Air, which is entirely fresh. Specifically, rumors indicate that it could be launched early in 2015, June 2015 or Sept. 2015.

The upcoming device may be slimmer than the latest models, according to Christian Today. It could resemble a phablet more than a smartphone. It was also reported to weigh just like the iPhone 6.

Rumored features of the iPhone 7 are not entirely new. The handset may sport gesture controls, which are already exploited in Samsung's Galaxy S5.

But what can make the iPhone 7 unique is its alleged solar-charging feature. Reportedly, solar cells will be included in the handset's display panel, allowing automated charging when the smartphone is left under the sun. This feature might need some restrictions, but nobody really knows--Apple has established such premium reputation that some users would actually believe baking an iPhone in the microwave is a legit offer of the company.

And if tech advancement excites everyone, leave it to Apple's rumor-makers as a holographic projection feature is also speculated.

Other features such as water resistance and sapphire glass exteriors were cited by Guardian Liberty Voice. The source added that the holographic projection feature could come later in Apple's production, and other companies may have to venture into the technology first.

Meanwhile, Business Insider listed ideal features for Apple's next flagship. A reversible USB charger, higher-resolution screen,  better battery life, replaceable battery, 32GB storage, removable storage (SD card), better front camera, more color choices (remember iPhone 5c, perhaps), haptic feedback (vibration upon touch) and a programmable home button are all desirable.

But of course, everyone will have to wait until Apple dishes the real deal.

For now, check out the Cupertino-based company's latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus here.

See other concept designs of the iPhone 7 below.

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