Updated 11:02 AM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Nick Hogan Confirms Nude Photos of Him and Ex-Girlfriends; Denies Photo of Male Organ

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Actor Nick Hogan, son of WWE's Hulk Hogan, just got hacked. The younger Hogan's very personal photos were said to have been stolen by online hackers and distributed on various sites.

TMZ said in a report that the stolen photos through iCloud were "voluminous and graphic", including images of his high school adventures, past girlfriends in various sexual acts and even photos of private parts. But Hogan strongly denied that some of the photos were his, including the photo exposing the male sex organ.

TMZ added that the "weirdest hacked photo" was that of his mom Linda who was clad only in a thong, bending over and exposing her behind.

Hogan claimed that the said photos allegedly stolen over iCloud were not even stored in the said online data system. He stressed that maybe he just forgot syncing all his photos to the cloud.

The bad thing here could be the exposure of Hogan's ex-girlfriend who were still minors during the time they met. The actor told TMZ that the hackers might have thought that he was committing a crime linked to "child pornography."

A similar report by Telegraph said that this is the latest incident of celebrity hacking where tons of photos were stolen from iCloud accounts and uploaded online by this so-called "cyber thieves."

Other celebrity victims of this online hacking scheme include singer Rihanna, actress Jennifer Lawrence, model Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian and Victoria Justice. Along with Hogan's photos, private images of actress Winona Ryder were also uploaded online.

With the intensity of the crime being committed, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that they are already investigating the cases.

Telegraph said there is also a dozen of female celebrities who are planning to sue Google for allegedly failing to remove the leaked photos from the search engine.

Entertainment lawyer Marty Singer told Telegraph that Google is in a way victimizing women for the photos it includes in its search indexes. Google, however, said that they have already removed the thousands of photos online and also closed hundreds of accounts.

Huffington Post said that Twitter was fast to act on the matter warning users that whoever reposts the personal photos of Lawrence will have their accounts suspended. It added that the actress' camp has already expressed plans to take legal actions on anyone who will post more of her personal photos.

This latest incident of online hacking can serve as a great lesson to celebrities to avoid storing and keeping very private photos of themselves. Aside from that, this also challenges the authorities to step up on their anti-criminality drives as well as for app developers and site owners to strengthen protection against online fraud.

In the next couple of days, the public should still expect loads of hacked photos to surface in the Internet especially that this group of cyber criminals have already proven that they can indeed do something this big. Certainly, celebrities and other notable personalities are hoping that they will be soon protected from these online threats.

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