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Ebola Virus Outbreak 2014 News & Update: Possibly Infected Homeless Man Found After Search Frenzy

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A homeless man, who is believed to have had contact with the first Ebola virus-infected person in the United States, has finally been found.

According to CBS News, the possibly infected man, identified as Michael Lively, is thought to have ridden in the same Fire-Rescue ambulance as Thomas Eric Duncan. Duncan is the first and as of press time, only confirmed Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said that the search for Lively was more of a "precautionary measure", emphasizing that he was a "low risk individual" in terms of Ebola infection, reported Dallas News.

"We are working to locate the individual and get him to a comfortable, compassionate place where we can monitor him and care for his every need for the full incubation period," Jenkins said in an emailed statement as quoted by Dallas News.

Several hours ago, Jenkins said in a tweet:

"The low risk individual who was identified by our local team as a contact has been found and is being monitored."

NBC News said that according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Tom Frieden, Lively was actually already monitored Saturday, but reportedly went "missing."

Lively "showed no signs of the disease" after being tested for the virus on Saturday stated Dallas News.

The same is true for the medical personnel who transported Duncan from his home to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Dallas News said that the crew "has been asked to stay home for 21 days or so."

Duncan was taken to the hospital on Sept. 25 and "was reported to have a fever, headache and abdominal pain, but no diarrhea or vomiting," said CBS News.

Frieden said that 114 people are suspected to have come in contact with Duncan, reported NBC News. 66 out of the 114 individuals reportedly tested negative for Ebola virus, the outlet added, citing Frieden.

However, according to Frieden, 38 out of the total Ebola-infected suspects "could not be ruled out."

3,400 people have died from the Ebola virus outbreak as of Friday, CBS News quoted the World Health Organization. Texas Department of State Health Services Commissioner Dr. David Lakey said that there are no additional Ebola cases in Texas, or reports of individuals exhibiting symptoms similar to that of the virus.

The World Health Organization describes the Ebola virus as one that is capable of bringing about "a severe, often fatal illness" transmitted via "direct contact with the blood, body fluids and tissues of infected animals or people."

According to Frieden, who spoke about treatment during NBC's "Meet the Press," the most promising drug is ZMapp, an experimental drug which is still under development. "There's no more of it, and it's hard to make, it takes months to make just a bit," he said. 

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