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Cleveland Cavaliers 2014-2015 Season Update & Roster News: Good Vibe After Scrimmage [POLL]

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Cleveland Cavaliers fans had their first opportunity to see LeBron James back on the basketball court during the Cav's annual Wine & Gold scrimmage. While the event was merely an elongated practice session, almost 17,000 screaming fans filled the arena to see 'Number 23' come blazing out from the tunnel. The utter electricity of the event could be felt even from behind glowing television screens as thousands more watched from home or even work.

Say what you will about Cleveland and their 'fair-weather fans,' but the one constant will always be an almost cult-like worshiping of LeBron James. Kevin Love was also met with an extremely warm welcoming, but in comparison to James, well there is no comparison James.

While there were numerous premonitions that were seemingly solidified during the scrimmage, possibly the most important were the already evident 'playmaking' abilities of Love and James. The exciting thing about the Miami Heat when James was there was that the fans never knew what was going to happen. Whether it was football style pass blasting over the wood-floored court, or an alley-op fired from beyond half-court, the antics were always met with fan fascination.

LeBron James and Kevin Love have seemingly already introduced this exciting style play back into the Cavalier DNA. In the first quarter Love quickly retrieved the ball after a made basket, and fired in it quickly to Irving almost the length of the court. Irving ended the play with a two-step dunk as the crowd looked on with wonder. James also added to the magic with a no look pass to newly acquired Shawn Marion who finished off with a dunk.

While the game was only a scrimmage, a battle between the team itself, there is a good vibe in Cleveland after the initial showing. This isn't to say that it will correlate to the regular season, but the Cavaliers appear to be in decent shape. Love, James and Irving will look to produce another three-headed beast that can top the Eastern Conference with little to no effort.

Winning the East is almost assured already, but that will greatly depend on how Derrick Rose and the Bulls are feeling. Rose will be the make or break factor that will determine Chicago's future. The Knicks are a slight contender, although one can never have too much faith in New York. Carmelo Anthony obviously cannot carry a team by himself due his 'black hole' style of ball handling. Look for the Cavaliers to easily make the NBA Finals, but run into trouble when they face off against a Western Conference powerhouse.

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