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Big Hero 6 Release & News Update: New Trailer & TV Spots Launch [Watch]

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Disney's latest project, "Big Hero 6" is shaping up to be quite an experience for both adults and children alike. Children naturally will be drawn to the humor and action-packed robot conflicts, but the adults will enjoy the mirrored future world that is already seemingly at hand. Almost all of the technology used in the film to create the robots is currently being used in present day. The use of 3-D printers is how the main character, Hiro, adds armor to his older brother's robot, Baymax.

The setting of the film takes place in the mythic city of San Fransokyo. As you may have guessed by the lead hero's name and the name of the city, this film blends the two cultures of American and Jappanese technology.

As far as plot is concerned, Hiro takes after his older brother in the way of creating robots. He is exceptionally talented and is accepted to an extremely prestigious school for robotics. While at the school Hiro's brother is killed and some his nanobots are stolen. Hiro teams up with some fellow classmates in an adventure about solving the mystery of the missing nanobots. Hiro takes his older brother's robot, Baymax and adds a suit to him giving him fighting abilities.

Disney's futuristic projections infused throughout their technological movies are always a major selling point for fans. "Wall-E" painted a seemingly realistic depiction of the future and how far in a sense humanity has fallen. While the subject matter of "Big Hero 6" appears to be lighter than "Wall-E," Disney will naturally add in some social commentary.

Disney is also venturing off into the great divide of animating their first Marvel movie. After the raging success of "Guardians of the Galaxy," Disney is set to ride the Marvel train all the way to the bank. With a Marvel story line and the innovative animation technology that Disney houses, "Big Hero 6" will be a can't miss feature. "Big Hero 6" opens in theatres on November 7.

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