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San Antonio Spurs 2014 Season News: Rumors, Trades, and Roster Updates

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If the 2014-15 San Antonio Spurs resemble last year's team it's because their entire championship-winning roster is returning.

Tim Duncan exercised a player option clause. Tony Parker signed a three-year, $43 million contract extension. Forwards Matt Bonner and Aron Baynes re-signed, quelling rumors of an Earl Clark or Ray Allen signing.

If anything, general manager R.C. Buford's biggest addition didn't involve free agency. In August, the Spurs announced WNBA veteran Becky Hammon would join the club as a full-time assistant coach; the first female to do so in NBA history. Hammon, who spent time with the club last winter while rehabbing a knee injury, retired from play last month after 16 years with the New York Liberty and San Antonio Stars.

Hammon's new role shouldn't be a surprise. Especially with head coach Greg Popovich's contrarian approach to the league's expectations. In March 2012, he rested Duncan during a Sunday night game in Philadelphia. The reason listed: "DNP/OLD." A few months later Popovich was fined $250,000 for sending four starters home ahead of the finale of a six-game road trip.

Last December, Duncan, Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Danny Green sat out of a national televised game against Golden State, drawing former commissioner David Stern's scorn. It didn't phase Popovich, and it's hard to argue with his reasoning.

San Antonio's carries the NBA's oldest roster. Duncan and Ginobili are on the wrong side of 35, and Parker will be 33 in May. If the Spurs win consecutive titles for the first time in franchise history, it won't be behind the longstanding trio. It'll be behind NBA 23-year-old Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard averaged 12.8 points, 6.2 rebounds, and a team-leading 1.7 steals per game. Already one the league's best defenders, the small forward trailed only Duncan and Malcolm Thomas in defensive rebounds. The small forward's play only improved during the postseason, posting 14.2 PPG and 51 percent shooting from the field.

There is little question about Leonard's future in San Antonio. He's a franchise player looking for a franchise player-caliber contract. The Spurs and Leonard have until Halloween to work on an extension or risk parting ways.

This is one of few areas the Spurs gamble on. They locked up Ginobili, Duncan, and Parker well before they could sniff the open market, and re-signed Boris Diaw this summer before he could negotiate with other ball clubs. Leonard's case may be the exception to the rule.

San Antonio can match any offer Leonard receives. Even then, the Spurs can guarantee $20 million more and a fifth year. And if Leonard has a down year, space opens up for a proven free agent. Leonard's vacant role can go to a Luol Deng or Jimmy Butler.

The post can be shored up by signing DeAndre Jordan or Marc Gasol. Diaw and Tiago Splitter will time at center with the latter Splitter averaged 6.2 rebounds in just under 22 minutes a game. Diaw's a solid defender and far better passer than Splitter, but can't maintain too heavy a workload.

Former UCLA forward Kyle Anderson is the only new face heading to training camp. Everyone else will arrive having contributed to a championship team. That's the case for now, at least.

Duncan is back for a 17th--and presumably final--year, and all but six players are locked in thorough the 2015-16 season. Come next summer, expect more than one new face on the Spurs' roster.

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