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'X Men: Apocalypse' Movie Cast & Trailer: Halle Berry Recast? 5 Actress to Replace Storm

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During a recent Yahoo Q&A, it's been confirmed by "X-Men: Apocalypse" film writer and producer, Simon Kinberg, that the beautiful Halle Berry may not reprise her role as Storm, the mutant in the upcoming sequel due out 2016.

The need for a possible multi-mutant recast was attributed to the movie's timeline which would need younger actors for the characters.

"If we included some of the original X-Men like Storm, Jean (Grey) and Scott (Summers/Cyclops) and others in Apocalypse, then yes, we would have to recast them because Apocalypse takes place a good 20 years before X-Men One," said Kinberg to Yahoo

"It'd be very hard to do, because Halle, Famke and Jimmy and others have done such wonderful jobs of bringing those characters to life, and we identify those actors with those parts now. So it would be a tall task," he openly admitted.

According to SciFiNow, director Bryan Singer has also confirmed this possibility saying, "Yeah, exactly," when asked about the original characters.

Now that that's possibility is looming over our heads, here is a quick round up of the Urban Daily's best bet for possible replacements for the weather-manipulating mutant:

  1. Yaya DaCosta Alafia - The former "America's Next Top Model" contestant has done well with smaller roles she's had over the years. With roles on "Ugly Betty," "The Messenger" and "The Kids Are All Right," Yaya has got acting chops and an incredible physique that would suit Storm's body-type.
  2. Zoe Saldana - Is there anything Saldana can't do? While it may be difficult due to her on-going pregnancy, she's shown over and over again that she's able to take on action roles. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" actress, who has also appeared in "Colombiana" and "Star Trek," knows what it takes to make a superhero film a hit.
  3. Naomie Harris - Like Berry, Harris is one of five black women who have taken the role of a Bond Girl. Urban Daily described her as "regal, elegant and can bring a worldly sophistication to the lightening wielding mutant."
  4. Danai Gurira - "The Walking Dead" actress can bring a no-nonsense element to the character and based on the role, she's shown she can do killer combat moves.
  5. Kerry Washington - The "Scandal" actress could bring the same finesse to the role, much like Berry. She's got a great mix of sex appeal, strength and vulnerability.

Another name making waves is Lupita Nyong'o, the Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress in "12 Years A Slave." There was already an earlier petition, per Bossip, for the acclaimed actress to take the role but apparently, the studio believes she's not the right choice.

Below is the trailer for "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

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