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Derek Jeter Last Game at NY was Magical; 5 Best Moments of the Match

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Yankees captain Derek Jeter has ended twenty years of playing in Major League Baseball right in his home stadium - and the final moments of his last game could be the season's most dramatic showcase.

In a 6-5 match in favor of the Yankees, Jeter's last moments will never be forgotten. With his bat's swing came his trademark, right where the ball should hit. Before Antoan Richardson could come toward home, Jeter was already at the heights of his glory.

Incidentally, Jeter's first big league manager, Buck Showalter, was managing the other team (Orioles).

In a report by USA Today, it was noted that Jeter was rather stoic throughout his entire career. The Yankees hero admitted, "I've done a pretty good job controlling my emotions. I try to hide them. I try to trick myself into not feeling those particular emotions...Today, I wasn't able to do it.''

Joe Girardi, manager of the New York Yankees, commented on Jeter's feat, "I don't think there was a more fitting way for it to end, for all of the big hits, and all of the things he's done to win championships here. He was here at the beginning of this [five World Series championship] run.''

Here are five of the best moments in Jeter's final game:

The rain brings a rainbow. The game started with a weather that's not entirely nice. CBS Sports even reported that the current local forecast predicted a 90 percent chance of rain at 8 p.m., which will eventually fall to 40 percent three hours later. But at 6:58 p.m., the rain has ceased, and a rainbow appeared beaming over the stadium.

The first battle of the bat. Jeter doubled in a run against Kevin Gausman, and it was nearly a home run. Both teams scored two.

The cheering crowd. Anthony McCarron announced in a tweet, "48,613 is the announced crowd at Yankee Stadium, 16th sellout of the year and biggest crowd of year." In addition, Jeter was reported to hold his tears back as more and more fans went cheering his name in the eighth inning.

A few more moments before his walk-off. Jeter gets another at-bat. Adam Jones (two-run) and Steve Pearce (solo) hit home runs off David Robertson. The game is tied at five. The stadium heats up.

Victory, finally. Jeter's winning moment came as he sported a walk-off single to the right side - the final hit which landed the Yankees a point above the Orioles, and made Jeter a baseball hero in his own right.

Watch Jeter's walk-off single moment below, courtesy of MLB.com.

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