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MLB Playoffs 2014: Yankees Eliminated; Derek Jeter Plays Last Game?

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It was a frustrating game for the New York Yankees and its star player Derek Jeter on Wednesday as the Baltimore Orioles defeated them in a 9-5 victory that scrapped the Yankees from the playoffs. The game is also believed to be Jeter's last as he is set to retire by the end of the current season.

"It's tough. It's what you play for. It's a rough feeling," Jeter told Fox Sports.

The 40-year-old player reportedly went 0 for 4 and dropped his average to .253. This is the first time that the Yankees has missed the playoffs in consecutive years since 1992 and 1993, Fox Sports noted.

Team manager, Joe Girardi, for his part, also expressed his frustration and disappointment after the game. "This is not where you want to be at this time of year," he added.

He also told New York Daily News"I can't tell you what tomorrow's going to feel like. I really can't. But right now, it doesn't feel good. We're all disappointed, and we should be disappointed. We're sorry to the organization and to all of the fans, because they come to expect us to be in the playoffs and we're not this year." 

After the game, Jeter advised his teammates to fight harder come next season and avoid getting used to the feeling of losing.

"For the guys that are coming back and the team that plays it's a feeling you shouldn't like and you shouldn't want to get used to," Jeter said.

According to Fox Sports, it was also a very emotional moment for Jeter as fans cheered his name all throughout the game. The crowd also gave him a standing ovation after he tapped out to first base.

"The game wasn't over. We were trying to come back. You can't help but notice. I catch myself looking around sometimes and I've always tried not to do that but I've caught myself a couple of times," Jeter told Fox Sports.

New York Daily News also noted that Girardi will talk to Jeter about where he wants his career to go from now.

Jeter, on the other hand, told New York Daily News that he is not yet thinking about what his next plans are. "Buddy, we just lost. Respect the fact that we just lost and we're not going to the playoffs. I can't think about Boston. Right now I'm disappointed. We've got a game to play here tomorrow. I can't tell you (about) tomorrow," Jeter explained when asked if he would participate in Boston.

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