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'Once Upon A Time' Season 4 Air Date, Trailer & Spoilers: 6 Delightful Plot Details

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After a long time of waiting, fans of the animated hit "Frozen" will finally share the same excitement with the followers of the show "Once Upon a Time" as its fourth season premieres this coming September 28.

Aside from the anticipated inclusion of the famed "Frozen" characters Queen Elsa and Anna, several spoilers were revealed ahead by creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis during their conversation with Variety.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

  • The "Frozen" characters will be highlighted on the first part of the show's fourth season. However, Horowitz emphasized that fans should not see it as a "Frozen" sequel done on television but should view it as the show's usual treatment on adding new characters on its plot.
  • Emma and Elsa can be expected to be the best of friends in the fourth season. According to the creators, the two characters share a lot in common especially in terms of feeling alienated and similarly suffering a painful childhood. 

Kitsis added that the role Anna played in helping her sister Elsa in "Frozen" will be done the same on the show's lead protagonist, Emma. This time though, Elsa will be the one helping Emma come into a certain level of realization.

  • Emma's past will be unraveled more as her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming try their parenting skills on a new baby. It will explore her emotions on how she would react upon seeing her mom and dad treat their new baby with care, not similar to how she was brought up. This could mean that the new season will feature numerous flashbacks from Emma's foster care days.
  • The reunion of Robin Hood, Marian and Regina is an explosive twist to anticipate in the fourth season's plot. Actress Lana Parilla who portrays the role of Regina, shared with the Latin Times the agendas her character has up her sleeves. Aside from working with Emma on how to handle Elsa in their Fairy Tale land, she also has an additional agenda in mind. This is mainly how she would handle's Marian's comeback.
  • Rumplestiltskin will go through a new path in his life but will still be torn between his passions for love and power. More tensions can be expected from his character now that he is keeping a new secret from Belle. 
  • Above all, the strain in the relationship between Emma and Regina will be tackled in one entire episode. How will things turn out for Emma who saved Marian's life in the previous season finale whom Regina hates the most?

Besides the initial trailer shared for the show's fourth season, a seven minute clip was recently released to serve as a quick teaser of the new season's pilot episode.

"Once Upon a Time" season four will premiere on September 28, 2014, 8 pm. via ABC.

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