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Bears vs Jets 2014: Final Score & Game Recap

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The Chicago Bears were able to hang on until the fourth quarter to seal their victory against the New York Jets on Monday night.

The Bears were able to clinch a 27-19 victory against the Jets who had trouble getting their game right.

According to SB Nation, the Jets did not make it easy for the Bears who lacked needed players because of injuries. But it noted that the winning team capitalized on the opportunities where they were able to score touchdowns against their opponent.

Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall proved to be very efficient players on the field despite their injuries. SB Nation noted that the two wide receivers continued to play even in pain. Jeffrey is nursing an injured hamstring while Marshall has a right ankle injury. Their teammates should be really thankful for their contribution to the team despite their limiting conditions.

Meanwhile, a Windy City Giridon report said that the Bears really tried to start strong as Ryan Mundy picked up his first career touchdown on the Jets' Geno Smith. The same report added that this was followed by a poor return of the Jets who continued performing below the level expected of them on Monday night.

SB Nation added that apparently, Smith is "still learning and struggling." The quarterback has reportedly improved a lot compared to his previous games but he still has a lot of things to learn to do better on the field.

It was noted by SB Nation that Smith could not seem to "find a way to connect with his receivers" to tie the game or aim for victory. In other words, he seemed to be still practicing and learning his way into the sport.

The poor performance did not only apply to Smith but to the entire team as well with SB Nation even calling the game "a sloppy mess against the Bears." The said errors of the Jets clearly gave the Bears the chance to outclass them and prove that they are the better team both in terms of offense and defense.

And this is aside from the fact that the Bears also did a "sloppy" game on Monday as they only made use of the opportunities given by the Jets to gain advantage. 

An NFL article pointed out that Mundy's defense could not secure game moments for his team and they were even outgained by 157 yards by the Jets. The team, however, was still able to recover and eventually claim victory.

They are set to face the Green Bay Packers and the Miami Dolphins in their next games where they can hopefully also improve on their performance and strategy as a team.

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