Updated 11:43 PM EDT, Sat, Oct 16, 2021

Jamaal Charles Injury: Chiefs Still Win Against Dolphins

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The Kansas City Chiefs went past the Miami Dolphins on Sunday despite its lack of starters, including running back, Jamaal Charles, who recently suffered from a high ankle sprain.

It was a sweet 34-15 victory for the Chiefs which was led by Alex Smith throwing three touchdown passes during the game. According to a WPTV report, Smith led touchdown drives in a span of four possessions that gave the Chiefs the early lead which they maintined until the finish.

Charles, according to ESPN, earlier announced that he would not be participating in the said game because of an injury he sustained last week during a game versus the Denver Broncos.

Luckily, his substitute, Knile Davis, performed for a career-high 132 yards on 32 carries, WPTV said in a report.

A similar CBS Sports report said that Smith and Davis were instrumental in their Sunday win as the two proved that their team is capable of winning despite the numerous injuries sustained by their teammates in their past games.

''Momentum's a funny thing. It's hard to put your finger on it, but certainly this helps. This is what you're looking for - a win on the road. A tough win, I thought. This is how you get started, for sure," Smith told CBS Sports.

The team has now improved to a 1-2 standing after winning their third game in their previous 11 games. Some of the team players claimed that they have even forgotten how winning feels.

Coach Joe Philbin said the team did its best to claim victory on Sunday. "We have to look at everything we're doing. There was no phase where we played well enough to win,'' he added.

For his part, Davis said that he stepped up on his game to prove that he is a worthy substitute for Charles. ''I ran hard - made a few mistakes, but I took the workload today and I enjoyed it,'' he told CBS Sports.

On the other hand, it was a tough loss for the Dolphins as star player Ryan Tannehill struggled to perform during the game, weakening the defense of the team. According to CBS Sports, some fans expressed their frustration by leaving the stadium even before the end of the match.

The Dolphins reportedly tried to put up points but their effort was still not enough to match the preparation and the gameplay of the Chiefs.

Receiver Brian Hartline was able to make a 1-yard touchdown pass but was flagged 15 yards for "unsportsmanlike conduct" when he celebrated his feat.

''I just like to golf, and it just popped into my head. I guess I've got to go back to dancing," Hartline told CBS Sports.

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