Updated 10:04 PM EST, Mon, Mar 08, 2021

NVIDIA Debunks Moon Landing Hoax with New PC Gaming Technology

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Nvidia is one of the leaders in top of the line graphics-processing units used in PC games. The technology is revolutionary and they are constantly trying to find better ways of making computer games look and feel as close to reality as technologically possible. A great deal of their work is based off of depicting light in its natural state, which from there they are able to create and mimic life light shadows and reflections in mirrored objects.

In a sort of mock test to showcase their latest development, the GeForce GTX970 and 980 cards, Nvidia choose to tackle one of the greatest conspiracy theories the world has ever known, the lunar landing. Through the years many conspiracy theorists have come up with rational and irrational premises that supposedly disapprove the Apollo 11 landing. There are different types of conspiracy theorists when it comes to the lunar landing, some believing the entire mission was a hoax and other believing the footage shown on TV was not what was really going on up there on the moon.

Several theories have contended that lighting in the Apollo 11 pictures is not accurate for it to be the surface of the moon. In some pictures Buzz Aldrin appears to be illuminated when theorists say he shouldn't be. Apart from the initial photographs of the astronauts there is also the question of the missing stars in the background that are seemingly supposed to be seen. Nvidia choose to try to debunk these two myths by using their highly advanced lighting technology that is able to perfectly mimic every situation it is given.

Nvidia contacted NASA engineers to help them assemble the real life setting of the moon. NASA said that the surface of the moon acts like thousands of tiny mirrors due to the space dust that has reflective properties.

With their environmental information Nvidia recreated the exact same pictures as taken of Buzz Aldrin on the moon. Both of the pictures were practically mirror images, which proves that Nvidia's software system found that light in the Apollo 11 pictures to be accurate.

While some may always remain convinced that the lunar landings were faked, it is fascinating to see where the future of gaming is going. The technology continues to advance until it will almost assuredly mimic life as the only the human eyes have been able to do so. 

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