Updated 04:41 PM EST, Sun, Jan 17, 2021

'Tusk' Actress Genesis Rodriguez Talks Cheating and Hatred for LeBron James

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Latina actress Genesis Rodriguez is the new girl in Hollywood and the Venezuelan-Cuban beauty opened up about herself and her new film, "Tusk."

According to an interview, Latina noted how the Miami-born actress is a basketball fan. When asked about her feelings on LeBron James' departure to return to Cleveland, she revealed her true feelings: "I'm really pissed at LeBron," said the celeb.

"I didn't like the way he left us. He didn't thank the fans. He just left. He didn't say anything to us. And we idolized him. We felt like the girlfriend he left to marry the next girl," said the upset fan.

To drive her point home, the die-hard Miami fan is aching for a face-off. " I hope that makes him happy. [Laughs] I trust Pat, Erik Spoelstra and my Miami Heat. You can't switch teams. It's something that's with you forever. I stand by my team and I can't wait to root against LeBron," said the Latina.

On The Movie Tusk

In the horror dramedy movie, Rodriguez, 27, plays the role of Ally Leon, who is romantically involved with Wallace Bryton, an insensitive podcaster played by Justin Long, who is taken hostage and turned into a walrus.

Describing the film's romantic plot as a "tangled mess," Latina publication wrote how her boyfriend is cheating on her, which Ally's character responds to by getting even and cheating on him with his best friend.

"I play Ally and she's Justin's girlfriend. Justin and Haley Joel Osment have a podcast about one guy who travels around the world, making fun of people, and telling his friends about it. He ended up taking a trip to Canada and he goes to this guy's house in search of good stories and this old man is full of them. He's sweet and nice. This man ends up drugging him, kidnapping him and turning him into a walrus."

Rodriquez calls her new project "a truly transformative tale," per Miami New Times.

The unconventional and odd-ball plot will "take you on a ride. It's a horror movie, yes, but it has so many layers. There's drama, there's comedy -- it just takes you into this weird place, but it's a movie that stays with you so it's kind of an experience."

The film, also starring Johnny Depp and Michael Parks is now showing in theaters following a Sept. 19 release. See the official trailer of "Tusk" below:


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