Updated 05:49 AM EDT, Sun, Oct 25, 2020

Jennifer Lopez 'Booty' Music Video Feat. Iggy Azalea Breakdown

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Jennifer Lopez recently released her latest hit music video featuring Iggy Azalea, entitled "Booty." Needless to say there is an awful lot of booty in the music video, which seems to masquerade the actual quality of the song and the creativeness of the video itself. Notably, Nicki Minaj released a similarly flavored song, "Anaconda," which dealt with many of the same themes as Lopez' song. Although "Anaconda" is no work of art, the music video was a piece of utter insanity that made the viewer want to watch it again. "Booty" doesn't have hardly the appeal or entertainment value as featured in Minaj's video.

The music video features six different settings so to speak, with none of them being very interesting. Lopez and Azalea are wearing white, black and gold, while the backdrops appear to be along the same color lines. For a photo-shoot the backdrop and costumes would look amazing on the cover of a magazine, but when it comes to entertaining a viewer for four and half minutes, the video seems to lack heart.

On top of the boring video, the music isn't up to the usual quality of Lopez' arsenal. Many fans will remember "Jenny From the Block," which has always been an amazing hit. The energy and freshness of that song has dissipated into her new single, "Booty."

The one positive about the music video is that Jennifer Lopez does look great. No one can deny that the singer still has it going on, but it's almost to the point that the viewer needs a little a something more to stay entertained. Music videos have evolved into their own art genre where directors and artists are given free creative reign to explore indie flavored scenes. "Booty" fails to do any of things and it is largely reflected in the "likes/dislikes" section bellow the video.

Out of 6 million views, the video has been liked 80,000 times and disliked 40,000 times. Although this isn't to say that YouTube critics should be discredited, it does come a little close for comfort. A 50:1 ratio would signal a hit, but a 2:1 ration spells that the Internet is just not feeling it that much.

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