Updated 12:06 AM EDT, Mon, Jun 01, 2020

Rafael Nadal Prank: Tennis Star Poses as Novice Pilot [Watch Here]

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Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal was up for a good time when he carried out a prank on some passengers of a chopper who got really worried about the athlete's capacity to fly a helicopter.

The act, according to Fox Sports, was done by Nadal because he was challenged by the people at PokerStars, an online poker company, to prove his "poker bluffing game."

He surely made the would-be ride of three couples worthwhile as he made them feel a lot of emotions during the prank. The 14-time Grand Slam title winner pretended to be a novice pilot flying couples to the Spanish island of Majorca, the No. 2 home island. According to Fox Sports, most of the passengers were thrilled to see the tennis star controlling the aircraft but their excitement suddenly turned into fear when they discovered that Nadal did not have enough knowledge on flying.

At one point, one of the couples even asked Nadal if he knew what he was doing and they seemed kind of hesitant in boarding the plane but eventually they agreed to take a risk and enjoy the supposed ride with the player.

But before they can even start flying, the more than 2-minute video showed that smoke suddenly came from the chopper's engine prompting the passengers to immediately leave their seats. Some were even shouting at Nadal to know what was wrong but the tennis player indeed kept his cool and acted like he was the real pilot of the aircraft.

"Darling, darling get out," one of the passengers shouted as he instructed his partner to immediately remove her seatbelt and move away from the chopper.

Nadal can only be heard saying that everything is under control and that everything will be alright.

It was a relief for all the passengers when they found that everything was just a bluff to test Nadal's skills.

USA Today noted that this is one of the things that keeps Nadal busy while he is recovering from his wrist injury that hurt his chances in the U.S. Open. It added that there was a sense of amusement of how he and the passengers kept their cool despite the supposed-to-be impending danger of a possible explosion.

Let's hope that things like this keep Nadal extremely preoccupied to help him get his mind of his recent injury. Amusing activities like this will also help him heal not only physically but also psychologically and emotionally.

It can be remembered that earlier in August, the tennis star withdrew from the U.S. Open due to an injury; a move which he considered to be a "very tough moment" in his life. "It is a tournament I love and where I have great memories from fans, the night matches, so many things. Not much more I can do right now, other than accept the situation and, as always in my case, work hard in order to be able to compete at the highest level once I am back," Nadal was quoted by Huffington Post as saying.

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