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Scotland Referendum Polls & Voting 2014: Latest Results and News Update on Bid for Independence from the U.K.

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Scotland's voters will be faced with a monumental, and yet surprisingly simple and straightforward, question on the ballot when they head to the polls on Thursday: Should Scotland be declared an independent country from the United Kingdom?

Some 4.2 million citizens have been registered to vote, the largest potential electorate ever recorded in Scotland. The number of people expected to turnout for voting in turn is also expected to be high.

The United Kingdom as it stands is currently made up of England, Wales and Northern Ireland in addition to Scotland. A vote for independence would mean that Scotland's population of 5.3 million would officially split from the UK.

Voters will be casting their ballots from 7 a.m until 10 p.m. local time at more than 5,500 locations across 32 districts nationwide. The polling locations are as varied from larger cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow to the more remote highlands and islands.

A number of polling councils from around the country have been reported to be very busy with people lining up ahead of the polls opening throughout the morning. Voting is also said to be very brisk and quick with many finishing and being on their way to work or school afterwards.

Both sides have had rally figures and campaigns backing either decision. Alex Salmon, Scotland's First Minister has lead the pro-independence, "Yes Scotland," campaign with Labour lawmaker Alistair Darling backing the pro-union, "Better Together," campaign. Both government officials cast their respective votes on Friday.

The pro-union decision is backed by the main parties in Westminster.

What may have unexpected implications on the results of this vote may include the fact that, for the first time, the vote has been extended to 16- and 17-year-olds living in Scotland. This resulted in an addition 100,000 plus people younger than 18 registering to vote.

Moreover, in addition to British citizens, Commonwealth, Irish and EU citizens who live in Scotland and are registered to vote in the country will be able to cast a ballot in the referendum. Those living outside of Scotland will not have a vote.

An additional 790,000 people, the largest amount in the history of Scotland, have also applied for postal vote.

The results will arrive overnight on Friday morning in the country, with the results to be announced later on in the day by Chief Counting Officer Mary Pitcaithly.

In order for either side to declare victory, a simple majority vote must be reached.


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