Updated 10:40 PM EST, Sat, Feb 27, 2021

Icelandic Eruption Captured in Stunning Videos

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The eruption at Iceland's Bardabunga volcano apparently shows no sign of slowing down. That's good news for scientists and camera crews observing the phenomenon as they have ample time to view the eruption in amazing detail.

We've posted two of the most incredible videos captured of the eruption so far, and they are simply stunning. The first video actually shows cooled lava cascading and breaking off of itself and falling to the ground, creating a sound like crashing glass. It's like a moving rock formation with molten lava underneath.

Officials in Iceland have stated that the flow of magma is not expected to decrease anytime soon. Seismic activity in the area continues to be intense as the eruption goes on. And while certain areas of the volcano have showed signs of decreasing seismic activity, scientists aren't sure whether it's a sign that the eruption cycle may have peaked or if the lull represents just a pause in activity.

The second video posted here is an aerial view of the eruption, and shows some truly amazing images from above the action. Iceland is already known as one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the eruption, when viewed from the air, and within the context of the greater Icelandic landscape, makes for a truly incredible sight. 

It has been one month since this latest "seismic crisis" at Bardarbunga began, according to Volcano Discovery, and nearly 20,000 earthquakes have already taken place in that short time. Iceland as a country averages around 12,000 earthquakes per year, so you can see how the situation at Bardabunga is quite extraordinary. 

Bardabunga stands at 6,500 feet tall and is Iceland's second-tallest mountain. To compound the geological situation further, Bardarbunga lies underneath the Vatnajoekull glacier, Europe's largest. Though the volcano has been erupting for days, scientists still fear that the situation could become far more extreme should Bardarbunga actually explode.

So far, lawa spews as high as 200 feet have shot from the ground on the volcano.

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