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iPhone 6 Nothing New? Specs & Features Already on 2012 Android Phone

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The much-awaited iPhone 6 graced Apple's event a few days ago--yet this does not exactly mean that the device won't match any other smartphone in terms of specs and features.

The thing is, it isn't Galaxy S6 or some other upcoming brands. Those saving up to get the iPhone 6 out to know that Apple's latest flagship device has striking similarities with an Android phone released nearly two years ago.

Released on November 2012, the controversial comeback of the Nexus 4 today is inevitable. This is because some of Nexus 4's specs and features are identical to that of the iPhone 6's. Ron Amadeo, Reviews Editor of Ars Technica, tweeted his observation through a comparative infographic.

His captioned the pic, "I couldn't help myself, sorry."

The graphic was sorry indeed--it may be a mockery to Apple but it is a delight to Google, particularly to those who have used and continue to use the Nexus 4. "Enjoy your 'new' device!" reads the infographic. "If you need help with your iPhone's new features, just ask an Android user. We've had this stuff for years."

Among the similarities listed in the photo are both phones' 4.7 inch screen, NFC payments, notification actions, widgets, third-party keyboards, typing suggestions, cross-app communication, cloud photo backup, and battery stats. What's shocking is the greater resolution (although only favoring the Android by a little) offered by Nexus 4 at 760p, while iPhone 6 got 750p.

"In 2016, you guys will love: Wireless charging, water resistance, IR blasters, multi-user support, selectable default apps, split-screen apps, app installs from a browser, and virtual buttons!" the photo reads.

Ron Amadeo told Huffington Post, "I just wanted to put into a picture what a I thought lot of people would feel after the event."

He added, "A lot of iOS 8 features were on Android first, and bigger iPhones are a validation of the direction Samsung and the other Android OEMs have been pushing things. Android copied Apple a lot in the early days, but now it seems like the pendulum is swinging in the other direction." 

But in many ways, the iPhone 6 is still different. Business Today listed down features unique to the iPhone 6 such as the new A8 chipset with the second-generation 64-bit architecture, new Focus Pixel technology, faster LTE connectivity, app selectivity, premium feel, the Touch ID, and of course, Apple's commitment to excellent customer service.

Apple today versus an Android yesterday--can you spot the difference?

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