Updated 12:21 PM EST, Sat, Dec 05, 2020

New Photos of Batmobile from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Set

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While the Marvel Universe has been taking Hollywood by storm, a new comic book challenger is set to enter the arena. Warner Brothers has teamed up with DC Comics to bring fans "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice." Warner Brothers is slowly beginning to follow the same blueprint that was used for the wide array of Marvel films. Batman and Superman have already appeared in their solo films and now will combine fan bases in preparation for the highly anticipate "Justice League."

The Justice League in many ways is the DC equivalent to Marvel's Avengers. After the massive commercial success of "The Avengers," it's understandable why Warner Brothers was so hot to speed up their own comic universe.

"Batman vs. Superman" has begun shooting in Detroit and is on schedule for a 2016 release. The film should have the same flavor as Superman did, seeing as how Zach Snyder directed both films. Warner Brothers has implemented a far more serious tone in their DC movies, whereas Marvel films seem to be laced with humor and punch-line jokes.

Snyder and the "Batman vs. Superman" crew have been extremely quiet about any plot information or set details. Other than the Batman suit and rumors of a Lex Luthor appearance, everything has been 'hush-hush' until now. On Wednesday pictures of what appears to be the Batman mobile surfaced from an Instagram user. The pictures reveal a tattered looking vehicle covered in dust. The device is similar to the Christopher Nolan version, although it appears to be slicker with angular wheels.

Aside from the obvious characters of Luthor, Batman and Superman, the film will also act as an unveiling for heroes such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg. Warner Brothers has booked 9 superhero films to be released before 2020, which will be more than enough time to set the stage for a "Justice League" franchise.

Critics of casting of Ben Affleck as Batman appear to have quited some in recent months. When the release date gets closer and the trailer is released, it's unknown how fans will react. Christian Bale is undoubtedly a better actor, but decided not to participate in the new production.

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