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iOS 8 Release Date 2014: New Features Detailed, Launching Soon?

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As the world is poised for the release of Apple's iPhone 6, there is also a great of inquiry being made into its program software, iOS 8. Although the iPhone 6 by itself will have upgrades such as screen size and sapphire glass, the real ingenuity will come from iOS 8, which currently has yet to find itself a release date.

IOS 8 has been in beta testing ever since June and throughout the months leading up to the iPhone 6 release, there have been multiple versions given to testers. Inevitably there will bugs when the new mobile software is released, but hopefully through its beta stages the kinks have been removed.

Apple has been extremely 'hush hush' about all updates to iOS 8, but we've been able to obtain a short list of probable features that the new software will give its users. This gem is a far cry from iOS 7, which in its own right was good, but the updated version is simply great.


Although 'autocorrect' can be alarmingly annoying, when it works correctly it is essential to have. The new QuickType program that Apple has installed will help to predict what the user is writing before even he or she has pressed a key. Naturally users will have to see how perfected it is before deciding whether or not to shut it off.


Initially the Spotlight feature on iOS was used as an internal tool to locate files within the users device. The updated version will open Spotlight up to be an outside source, rather than confined to the limits of the device itself. For instance, if a user wants to look up a movie time, they no longer have to go into Safari, rather they can simply use Spotlight as a broad searching tool.


Slowly but surely Siri is becoming better at learning the habits and frequencies of its user.  New voice recognizing software allows Siri to interact with the user simply by voice instead of manually having to bring the program up.


Instead of having to go into the texting app, a user will now be able to sweep down the initial notification banner and text back right away. This will definitely speed up the process of texting and also allow for more practical usage.

Photo Editing

IOS 7 came with picture edits, but in comparison to Instagram they are lacking. IOS 8 will take a step further towards quality of editing pictures. This new feature is essential for sending pictures via text message or email.

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