Updated 10:33 PM EDT, Thu, Apr 19, 2018

New Macbook Air with Retina Display Set for 2014 Release Date? Rumored Features & Specs

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Rumors about the release and specs of a new lighter and thinner 12-inch Macbook Air with Retina Display, based on a forecast made by KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, have made rounds on leading technology news websites.

According to a Mashable report, Kuo said the new Macbook air will still sport a clamshell form factor, albeit made even thinner and lighter than other models on the current Macbook Air line.  

"The form factor will showcase a much improved clamshell structure. It will redefine laptop computing once again following the milestone created by the [previous] Macbook Air," Kuo said in his forecast.

Kuo chimed in on the new Macbook Air, saying the new model will come with a 12-inch Retina display (2304 x 1440 pixels) and will be offered at a lower price point, according to a Mac Rumors report. Kuo also notes that the upcoming 12-inch model will boast "both the portability of the 11-inch model, and the productivity of the 13 inch model."

9-to-5Mac.com, another Apple-focused website, lists the supposed features of the new Macbook Air based on Kuo's forecast. According to the website, the new Macbook Air will run on an Intel chip and not on Apple's A8. The upgraded laptop will also be launched in the second or third quarter of 2014.

Kuo's expectations are aligned with the findings of a DisplaySearch research note as first reported by CNET last week. DisplaySearch also noted that the upcoming Macbook Air will feature a 12-inch Retina display.

Tech trend portals and experts consult Kuo for tip sheets on Apple's latest product offerings.

Currently, Apple's Macbook Air makes use of Haswell processors, a low-powered Intel chip that is famous for its extended battery life. They also come in 11 and 13.3-inch models.   

Apple is yet to reveal whether its new line of Macbook Air will feature a Broadwell chip, a new line of Intel processors that is set to be released early next year. Mac Rumors reports that Broadwell is 30 percent faster than Haswell chips. 

Apple fans will just have to wait and see until the tech giant finally confirms the laptop's all-new design and specs by the end of this year or early next year. 

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